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    Hello, just thinking of make a split for a next winter,
    on my last trip a week ago I had a very bad conditions, there was no snow fall long time and up in the resort was icy,
    crud, crust, slush, and ice as well as bumpy only slops exposed south ware nicely soften,
    Will a split board ride well in this conditions or is dedicated to prime powder only?
    Thank you.

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    Only below treeline powder <25 degrees will a splitboard do well. Everything else it rides like skis.

    :thumpsup: Awesome.

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    Given the same shape and design, a split will perform 90% as well as a solid board on ice. Pretty much everywhere else (other than park and pipe riding) they are pretty much on parity or close to it. They are not for pow only.

    christoph benells
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    you will have a noticable loss of edge power, but its easy enough to get used to.

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    split it….ride it….love it.

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    like christoph said the edge isnt as solid, id call it torsional flex from the two halfs chaffing.. granted Im trying to split pow but have taken this board ALL over, skinned some resorts and rode some jumps and did some jibs, ITS STILL A SNOWBOARD!!

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    Thanks for all answers!


    If your a strong rider you can take a splitty anywhere. There’s too much buzz around if a splitboard can handle this that, or blah blah. Starting to get tiresome of the what if’s.
    I prefer my split over my solid these days. and i take it everywhere. from steeps, to park. it’s a snowboard. like i said if your a strong rider, you don’t need to worry.

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    Hello Chris, thanks for the answer, I am asking because I am going to make one later this summer time, so I need idea what is like..never have chance to meet somebody so need advise.
    I just thinking, should I combine Voile ‘saw your board’ kit with a Karakoram clips, are they any stronger or Voile are enough? should I give an extra clip or it doesn’t matter?
    last question: with the Voile one is there any option with an bindings set up, to change an angle for ride a bit?
    Thank you. Ziby

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    The splitboard is fine on icy, hard, steeps. Honestly, the design of the board itself will make more difference on icy pitches than whether it is split or solid.
    For better edge control and purchase on hard surfaces, boards with a longer sidecut radius (shallower) sidecut do much better, as they allow one to have more edge pressure near and between the feet. Additionally, a board with flat (no camber) or rocker between the feet also allows for more edge pressure at and between the feet: nothing is worse than looking down on an icy steep pitch, and noticing that one is hanging from the tip and tail edges, with the waist of the board not touching the snow. Generally, as well, a stiffer board will hold better on icy snow, especially if it is stiffer, and has a long sidecut radius.

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