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    nurse ben
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    My son, Alex, is a Sophomore in High School, I want to introduce him to overnight backcountry riding, so I am planning on taking him to a 10th Mountain Hut this Winter/Spring.

    I’d like to find some other parent/teen partners to hike and ride with, that way it’s more interesting for my son 🙄

    I don’t have a particular date or location selected, so anything is possible, even a trip to a different mountain range in the US if someone already has a plan and wouldn’t mind having two more jump into your group.

    PM if interested,

    Ben and Alex


    It may be too late and all filled up, but my fam is going to Uncle Bud’s hut december 19. It’s early season, but it’s what works for all our schedules, we are just hoping for a good early season base! Colten

    nurse ben
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    Hey Colten, that sound slke fun, unfortunately we’re already tied up, going to SLC for some family sliding.

    Any chance you and the family will do another hut trip later in the season?


    Hey there is a yurt trip I will be going on with early college and college student with WSU here is the web site.


    nurse ben
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    Anyone up for putting a trip together for March/April, long weekend, bring the kids, maybe even the spouse 😆

    Seriously, I’d love to get my son out with other teens. He’s 16yo, sophomore, good boarder, fun lovin kid, no bad habits (that I know of).

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