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    Thanks to everyone who helped out with this, especially Lisa and Klem at Venture, and Jason and John from Silverton Splitfest. Enjoy!


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    Well that’s something nice about this new forum, you don’t need to have any imbed codes for Vimeo videos…

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    Nice edit! but man, I can’t read a word of that font.

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    Yeah, nice edit. That was fun. Hell I forgot how much fun I had there. And you got some aerial footage in !! Didnt that guy crash right after that in town? Man, what a drag

    Hope to make it out again this year. Still havent even mounted bindings to my new venture.

    Stupid high pressure ridge

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    @tex yes he did. His super nice hex copter. Like 30 minutes after arriving in town. He was so pissed, he had just driven from Denver, he was about to turn around and drive right back. I convinced him to stay, and bring his backup quad copter out with us the next day, when we were going to hit the V5 couloirs for that scene with John and Jason towards the end.

    Not even a mile off the trailhead the next morning, the pelican case bounced off the back of a sled and broke a rotor on his backup quad.

    To his credit he stayed with us most of the day anyway. =) I don’t even want to speculate the $$ amount of damage he did to his copters (which he uses for work!) but it was in the thousands for sure.

    Going back to CO to film some other stuff with Shawn here in a few weeks, hopefully the aerial shots will happen this time, and the copters will emerge unscathed! =)

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