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    Has anyone tried Spark R&D Tail-clips for splitboard skins for a Jones Hovercraft ??? I like tail-clips for splitboard skins. Ït looks like there is not enough tail to use splitboard skin tail-clips. If not, do I cut the skin flush at the tail of the ski?

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    I’ve used them on my hovercraft but they are not the best. I only have them because I also use those skins on another board. I’d probably look into some ski tail clips. They are actually cheaper too.

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    just use G3 clips, the “ears/hooks”/whatever swivel so you can run em straight off the back..

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    Use my spark tail clips on my Unity Whale and it’s never been a problem.

    They hook on fine.

    I’m lazy and swap my skins from board to board all the time. I’m constantly beating on those tail clips and they have been great.

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    i’ve used my Hovy with Spark clips for 2yrs. works fine!

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