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    Spark R&D Magneto binders are backordered, looks like till 2014, from Spark, REI, Mtn Gear, etc. Anybody got info on where a pair of medium Magnetos are actually physically in stock and available, to ship NOW online, or in SLC? Anybody successfully buy any in the last week? I WANT, thx

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    Pretty sure that i saw a pair at Salty Peaks a couple days ago. Not sure what size but they were sizzlin red.

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    You could always try Tactics. They are based out of Eugene, OR
    Here’s the link

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    Bucky, try MiloSport on 33rd. They had some in last time I was there.

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    Yep tactics is the place to go they have everything in stock and free shipping for the holiday season.


    Same problem too, I just bought my magnetos bindings (black-med) :thumpsup: today. Was a tough job I can tell ya….I’m pretty sure all of Austria is out of them( ive searched the last 3 weeks)…and most of Germany.
    You can get the Blue or Lichen (all sizes) and black (Large). I not sure why Sparks/burton didnt produce more of them ????
    Good luck in finding some soon..
    Hope my goodies arrive in time :twocents:

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    I think the demand for Magnetos was far more than what Spark was expecting. I know those guys are working over time to fulfill orders right now.

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    Salty Peaks and Milo are sold out; Tactics has a couple pairs left in medium- thanks guys!

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    I got a pair online from Venture

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    So, if you happen to have some blazes or burners, you can actually buy the Magneto baseplate system
    and disassemble your older bindings and move them over. 250.00 and reusing your existing gear is a lot nicer then 400 :D.

    I emailed them to ask this that too is an option, that said, I found some at that tactic place up in Eugene.

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    Adam West

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    I rode the Afterburners in their demo form. I would consider them as an option as well. A bit more money, but you know them freeekin things will last a long time.

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