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    I recently purchased a Prior AMF 162 split its came with the regular Voile hooks and to me the board feels pretty solid but that’s without any bindings. I’m trying to get some input what to do about possibly upgrading to Karakoram gear and getting Karakoram bindings but I’m not sure which will be the best choice between Karakoram and Spark. I read up about both and it’s still up in the air, I hear good things about both. I just want the tightest fit possible and making sure the board sides don’t slide apart. I hear that the Karakoram clips keep the board secure from sliding but the voile slide clips keep a tighter fit but do give a little when it comes to the pcs sliding apart.

    The way I see it the Spark bindings will help keep the voile clips in place because of the sliding in setup of the bindings seems like a tight fit and will reduce the chance of th 2 pcs sliding out of place.

    I feel that Karakoram will keep it from sliding the bindings don’t keep the 2 sides together by the bindings as well as the Spark setup. Basically cause of the way the 2 pcs come together its a simple snapping motion which is convenient yes but I’m more interested in strength and keeping the split a solid tight fit.

    Any input and suggestions would be greatly appreciated

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