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    @bcrider wrote:

    Fully update from Spark on the homepage today.

    Gahhhh no Edison until 13/14. 🙁

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    i smell a World Boards beta test day, aka shred geek confrence

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    a new produkt need time… a upgrade ned a saision….
    the edision is more than a upgrade – respect for the spark s the make a perfect job.

    cheers markus

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    @kitesurfa wrote:

    Wish K2 (or someone) would revive Clickers. They are still the lightest, fastest transitioning, and most releasable binding ever made. I LOVE my Blazes but if someone made these again, with an updated boot design, I would buy them in a heartbeat…

    i am embarrassed for you

    My love head wound and your free head wound
    Don't know but I even wanna try to be

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    K2 was a shimano binding that why it works so well ( they still make some of the nicest pedals out there). Get some old K2 clickers and mount the mech to a bomber plate. Then install some dynafit toe pieces for touring…. :doobie: My buddy still rides those boots and bindings and clicks into snow shoes for the hike 🙁

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    Just wanted to bump this thread. With the release of the release of the Tesla is the Edison officially dead or is the Telsa just an intermediate step?


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    Why is the Edison dead? Any hope of revival?

    (I like the Tesla a lot and ordered the baseplates, but the Edison seemed so cool!)

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    The speculation is that the Edison Project was cancelled because Spark could not make the interface immune to the problems of icing. Their response was to go “back to the drawing board” and start over with the result being the new bindings they make now.
    It is very difficult to make a complex system like Edison, Karakoram, Phantom, and Burton’s interface as indifferent to icing as the Voile puck system, and Spark decided to keep their bindings super easy to operate in the field.
    Karakoram and Phantom interfaces both work great, but both do sometimes require a little bit of ice removal during transitions (typically a 15 second scraping does the job in bad conditions). Of course, there are benefits of these systems, Phantom, at least, allows for a more secure board interface than the Voile pucks ever did, and a more precise ride feel.

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    Got it – thanks for the details, Barrows.

    Hm, I could live with cleaning ice (here in PNW it’s not as cold anyway) for the other benefits – use on any board, easy angles, etc.

    My Tesla plates are already ordered through the local dealer, and I also am seriously considering Phantoms too – the question is which ones – Original, Alpha, Beta…

    My dream would be the ability to quickly switch between soft + hard boots on the same board. You asked for HB interface based on Edison this would be so awesome! with quiver killers for dynafit 🙂


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    This years Phantoms are a substantial improvement over last years. Right now the Phantom “Pho” is still somewhat experimental, but the Alpha is totally ready for prime time…
    No need to switch from soft to hard boots, once you get a hard boot set up really dialed, you will never want to ride soft boots again 8)

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