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    Hey guys, I have been on my 2011-2012 Spark R&D Burners about ten days now. In skin mode, I’ve noticed some slight “lateral” movement on my right foot (for reference, I ride regular). Again, it’s slight, but I notice some wiggle and sorta default outward pressure on my right foot compared to my left foot in skin mode. My left foot feels secure and directly on the binding. Obviously, on the right foot (with wiggle), the binding straps are on the outside (right) side of the ski. I’ve played with tightening the boot, tightening the inner liner of the boot (Salomon Synapse), tightening the binding straps, etc. I don’t like it super super tight or else the the base of my foot starts to ache after 30 minutes into a tour.

    I’m not asking anyone to diagnose and solve the situation, but if anyone had similar experiences (it’s not a Spark defect or anything), it would be great to hear how you solved the problem. Could be solved by getting an insole for my right boot, etc. Or getting new, stiffer boots (I have about 60 days on my boots).

    Thanks, any thoughts or ideas are greatly appreciated. BTW, I love how my Prior Khyber rides – it’s a fun, super floaty ride, almost like a hovercraft, but also surprising responsive (it gets more responsive the more I ride it, which is not a surprise).

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    I have different size insoles in my boots because the arch of my right foot is thinner. If I tighten my right boot down to much, my foot just goes numb and cold.

    If you buy insoles somewhere like here

    you can tell them to put more height and arch under one foot than the other. They have a thickness scale from 1 to 3 I think.

    Not saying this is your problem, but it could be worth investigating. I’d start with something like this

    before you drop the coin on custom footbeds. Also, try throwing an extra sock on that foot and see what happens. You can always take stuff out on the trail if it’s bugging you.

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    Boot in binding movement? Or foot in boot movement?

    That was Pontus

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    Thanks guys, good advice on the insoles. I’ll def check those out.

    It’s less foot in boot movement, than the feeling of the literal binding/pin having some give to it in tour mode. Just odd though as my left foot/binding is really fit, doesn’t have any give, and it super centered (no outward pressure). That’s why I first thought it might have to do with my boot set up, etc.

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