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    hi,everybody!This is my first split season and i think it’s one of my best winters!i’ve got a question:when my split is assembled there is space along inner edges!It’s about 3 millimeters.until now i ‘ve never had problems when i rode,but is this clearance is normal?

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    3 mms seems a bit large. A slight gap is very common, even with factory splits. Does it run the entire length of the board or is it only in certain spots?

    If it is only in certain spots and it is a DIY I wouldn’t hesitate to sand down the high spots and reapply your epoxy.

    Post some pics though, there are folks on this forum with a lot more experience building these things than me and they can probably give you solid advice.

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    Factory split or DIY? Brand?

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    it’s factory split and the brand is Burton!

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    @spliter wrote:


    There ya go. Seen this on all the freebirds. Pretty ugly quality from what I’ve seen.

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    3mm? Cool! Not only will you get face shots but potentially crotch shots. Yeah sorry, burton is shit. Work the warranty and get something better … waterjet DIY FTW!

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