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    Fellow Splitters

    I’ve been a musician a long time, and that’s kinda lead me down to what I consider my “path”. Which consists of digging into frequencies and sound relating to natural ratios.

    Part of this has been working on an album all written in Chromatic A432 concert pitch frequencies in relation to the 7 major chakras, and what is considered to the be the frequency of OM C# in A432.

    I researched and purchased a set of Tibetan bowls, and recorded them as a basis for this album.

    I’ve made a separate 42min Chakra meditation and I’d like to share this with the splitting community.

    If you would like to get a dropbox link to download a file for yourself, send me an email on soundcloud.

    I’d be curious if what I’ve created helps in your meditations.

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    some cool shit you’re into. I’ll need to absorb the track with some meditation and :doobie: and get back here for a full review. :thumpsup:

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    Totally dig this one…ANAHATA – MNEME – A432

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    Thanx gents! I appreciate the feedback

    splitinbend: ANAHATA MNEME is an example of incorporating the bowls into the music.

    Lots of work to do with writing the album.

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    Thanks splittrippin! Nicely done. I enjoyed meditating to your Tibetan bowels lat night—and will be sending you an email about a drop box link when I get home tonight. Good stuff.

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