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    i wanted a mellow day due to being solo and patches of ice in the steeps the day before.
    if this place were closer to the road it would see a lot more tracks. it’s pretty mellow, but has some great features everywhere. would be a cool place to hang out and session. i can’t believe i had this place to myself.
    looking up from the bottom of south maggie’s. janine’s middle left.

    i can’t believe i have this place to myself and it’s all pow!

    from tallac on the left to janine’s is a huge ridgeline filled with possibilities.

    looking back. jake’s on the left. the two small peaks, maggie’s peaks.
    the approach is from the saddle between the two.

    the whole place to myself? really? track in center of pic.

    sticking to the keep it mellow plan, i stayed away from the icy roll off the summit. it was about as relaxing as it gets.

    looking up from azure lake. this place is f’n beautiful!

    hung out, had lunch and toured around the shores for a while. pristine and empty. then climbed back up to summit of south maggie’s. looking back at janine’s.

    hung out again for a while on the summit watching the clouds roll in. then dropped down to granite lake in great warmed up pow.

    then another drop to the car as the snow was finally getting a little too warm.
    a lot of travel for some easy terrain. but a great tour through a beautiful area.

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    Awesome! I still need to ride back there. That terrain is pretty sweet looking. Would be a nice spot to camp for a few days.

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    looks like a great solo tour… i’ve always looked back there from tallac and maggies and wanted to hit some of those lines. looks like some nice, long runs in there. nice job!

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    Janine’s is great! I hit it on the way out of Dick’s 2 years ago – very very wind-protected and it holds awesome powder. Glad to see it wasn’t all baked out when you hit it.

    Glad you stayed safe when rolling solo – even just back there is a long ways from rescue if shit goes haywire.

    Rico in AZ
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    that’s a beautiful area, i’ve stared at it many times from closer-to-road spots.
    i will trade solitude for shorter approaches anytime.

    nice work!

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    Sweet track art! :thatrocks:

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