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    Hi all,

    First post, but I’ve been reading for a while now – you’ve helped me through getting a Hovercraft Split towards the end of this season, which I’ve had some really good fun with already. Can’t wait til next winter to see where it takes me! Thanks for creating a knowledgable and accessible community.

    I also do a lot of resort riding (I manage ski resorts for a large tour company) and enjoy riding off-piste terrain that’s either accessible from the lifts or via a short hike. For this kind of riding I’ve been using a Jones Flagship 161cm since it came out. I’ve had 2 of these so far, the first one delammed and got warranty replaced, the 2nd one I’ve managed to smash into the only rock in a powder field and it won’t glue back together. Time for a replacement!

    There’s a Flagship 163 wide available for a good price from one of my suppliers in resort. My worry is, would this be too much board for me? I’m not too concerned about the length, but it’s a good thumb width’s wider across the middle, and the shape has a noticably less distinct sidecut than the 161. I’m not a huge guy; I’m 6′ tall, weigh 85kb (187lbs) and will be using Large Burton CO2s with Salomon Malumuttes in a UK 7.5 (US 8.5) with the new board – a pretty stiff setup. I get to snowboard about 4 days a week throughout the season, and my level is very good, but not utterly mindblowing. I ride +15 -6, and I rode my old flagships fairly setback.

    The board would mainly be for off-piste – I have an old cambered board for purely piste carving, but it definitely wouldn’t be a pure powder board. The in-bound terrain around here tends to be very steep and get tracked out quickly, I’m concerned that the extra width and longer sidecut would make the board a lot less nimble than the 161. On the other hand, this could be off-set by the extra float when it does snow and stability over the chop afforded by the width…

    Little bit torn here – it’s €100 cheaper than I could get it for elsewhere. Should I go for it, or am I better off waiting for next season’s model in a 161 or 164, or maybe even the carbon version? I don’t have the opportunity to demo different sizes I’m afraid!



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    I would try looking at a Venture Snowboards out of Silverton, Colorado: 970.387.5078 Venture specs their boards in a variety of widths

    For example here is the spec sheet from the 2009/2010 season

    Currently Venture is selling their older demo boards on eBay, both rockered and camber version. See:

    These are a great deal. I purchase two demo 09/10 Euphoria-R snowboards, and will DIY- split these for next seasons epic pow!

    Venture boards are super durable. I last season, I to hit a rock under spring time pow conditions on my Venture Storm split. Cartwheeled 5 times over the handle bars, did not hurt the board, but bent the voile slider plate and almost broke my leg!

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    I have the solution 163w and I can turn it pretty well through tight newengland woods. I had a 160 wide mountain twin that turned quicker but just like you it delammed( only 20 days on it!!) I replaced it with a NS legacy 159 and I am so glad I did. Dont know were you ride but here in the East we have ice, tight woods, ice, slush, ice, heavy pow, ice and once in a while good powder. The Legacy has preformed so well and as so well made that I think I will ride a Neversummer as long as they make them. The extra width of the legacy does not slow me down at all.

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    Thanks Powder rider but I’m based in Europe and the shipping prices would take away a lot of the bargain there. I’ve also been really happy with the flagships, and I’m not looking to change.

    Freighttrain – what sized feet do you have? Have you ever ridden a narrower board? Have you noticed the difference?

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    With an 8.5 foot I wouldn’t be surprised if the wide felt a bit sluggish and hard to turn. I have a 168W Flagship and am 6′ and 195lbs and have size 10.5 (US) feet and that board rules for me. I get boot out with anything under 26 cm usually. When I switched from normal waist widths in the 25.5 cm to 26.2 cm and up yes I felt the edge to edge was slower, even accounting for sidecut geometry but it was completely worth it to me and I liked the more stable ride.

    Bottom line you will notice it and if you like a more stable ride you may not mind it.

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    Edge to edge is slower on a wide, but you will hold an edge easier on it. I know two guys that own a wide Flagship but don’t really need it with their shoesize. It’s not a problem.

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    Thanks all – I’ll pass on this one and wait for next year’s version in a normal width. I already feel plenty of stability going over chop and don’t want to sacrifice nimbleness for that.


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