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    Unused / Like new. Not in original packaging.

    The story: Had my lady’s board split and mounted by the professionals at MiloSports (SLC) back in 2000 and has sat in the gear room ever since. never loved, never used.

    Stripped off the hardware and now here it sits. Its all there, hardware, skins, mounting templates, and instructions (same kit as you would get from voile only for 160 clams not including skins which is 170 extra). note: the plate gaskets were never included in original packaging.

    The skins are 142cm long and 112cm wide.

    askin $150 (shipping included) for the package.

    Hell, i’ll throw in the board for FREE (shipping TBD) if you want it.

    Burton Twin 56. Prior to splitting it, the board was ridden by a 125# women that never stomped the shit out of it. obvious signs of use. good base and still has pop to it. Just insert hardware and go!

    photos quality sucks, sorry.

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    You’re selling it all for $150 including shipping? I’ll take it. I’m out in San Diego friends with SDMARK. Looking to put a split board together for my wife. Sent you a PM

    – Joe Beck

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    I want to be second in line. I have a friend that would love that as the first board.

    Kenny G
    Kennyg@porterstahoe dot com

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    Score dude…WOOT WOOT! :mrgreen:

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    Sorry Kenny G, Joe beat you to the punch.

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