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    Spark Bindings – First Generation with Bent Metal parts.

    Used and in good condition
    Included extra binding strap parts and plastic highbacks.

    Asking $150. Shipping is extra.

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    I might take them, I will let you know in a cuple days.

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    Fuck, if you could wait a couple of weeks till I get a job and a paycheck I’d snag them for sure.

    That was Pontus

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    @ powderjunky

    nice work . but your bolts at the heelcup- straps , are dangerus – to long in outside – cut them and round it 😉


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    That’s how I roll, burton – danger is my middle name.

    Thanks for helping me sell these bindings. 🙄

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    still got these? Looks like im going back to work!

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    tentatively sold, but money not in hand yet. I’ll let you know or update thread.

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