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    I’ve been see-sawing on this decision for a couple weeks, and have finally found one. The 30L snowpulse

    Great design, and much better than that friggin tank of an ABS.

    I know…. here come the…critics. But, that’s why I posted.. to get opinions.

    I’ve spent lots of time in regards to avalanche knowledge.. Even so far as moving up to Canada, and taking all pre-reqs to get into the ACMG program. Then taking a guide course at Ruedi B’s place in Revelstoke. That guy will scare the sh1t out of you in his guides course.

    But as we all know… accidents happen, and if that accident ever does happen. I want the best chances possible to be safe, and find my friends.

    I had a slope crack on me in BadGaStein Austria, and I never want to feel that again.

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    I saw a show where they tested a similar design airbag system and the results were very promising. The one drawbacks that was identified during the testing (using dummies of course) was that in a wet snow/heavy snowpack avy the airbag actually caused the victims to become burried deeper. The hypothesis was that the added surface area of the deployed airbag caused the victims to be driven deeper into the snow instead of “float” as they would in a similar slide with dry snow.

    Something to keep in mind for spring conditions or coastal snowpack.

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    I tried it at MEC here in CowTown 2 weeks ago …. very well built and designed!….I really like the fit … the padding on this pack is simply amazing …very simple design and efficient for carrying stuff!… the 30L is nice, but I think I would go for the 45L if I take the plunge … you can cinch it down if you don’t need the extra space … the weight difference is minimum …. you can contact Chuck Gorton @ …. he’s the N.A. distributor … he’s very helpfull … you can go on their website as well for more Q&A ….

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    And now with your US$, you get a decent discount when you buy it up here :thumpsup:

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    Well.. because I’m a Yankee Doodle.. they have to discharge it, and I have to buy the O rings… to have it refilled.

    Then they can send it to me in the states…

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    … 😆 …!

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    Well the snowpulse has been bought. Man, it was like the floodgates opened on these things. You couldn’t find them anywhere. With US dollar gettin back up, or CAN going down. It was pretty reasonable. I’m really going to have to give the wife a good work-out on the workbench for letting me use her credit card :bananas: :rock:

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    They are hard to find … MEC here doesn’t have any in stock … they litterally flew off the shelves … from what I heard, the 45L also vanished pretty quickly @ …. it’s a good sign I guess ….

    Please let me know your impression when you get to play and tour with the pack … I’m really interessted… thx

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    I got the back pack.. I got the back pack…

    now, no drooling on it at Scrubfest 😉

    Friggin cool design man… I showed the wife the cylinder.. she totally thinks I’m off my rocker now…


    I need to get a facebook page, to post pics of this rippin pack.. sweet design, and very light.

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    Will be interesting to see this one, good to see something like this going more mass market

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    Another article on the snowpulse …. nice little video of a live “deployement” ….

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