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    Got a late (10 a.m.) start to explore a week of snow on Shasta. Had thoughts of a solo up Giddy Gulch but ran into a some of the crew who invited me to help break trail to Helen. The gulch looked awesome with all the new dumpage:

    Breaking trail, only 2500 more steps to go…

    Safety Meeting (we dug a pit too) Results were bomber except the top 3″ of wind buff which R2’d but we all agreed was too thin to create consequences. The bottom 3 feet to last weekends melt freeze crust was rock solid:

    Lake Helen with Green Butte Ridge in the background:

    Surveying a thousand with 2500 more to go. The moraines make for some fun surfy features especially on the styrofoam wind buff for the first 2000 feet. Sorry no riding shots:

    All in all looking good for the spring. :clap:

    christoph benells
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    yeah man shasta is a special place…glad to hear its looking good for spring time.

    any lumarians up there?

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    No lumarians I think the leprechauns chased them off cause there were a few Guiness floating around the parking lot. :guinness:

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