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    I am new to touring and been out 3 times now and starting to notice a slight sticky residue from the skins on my board. Board felt like a slug when I was out this weekend :banghead:

    Will residue reduce as skins get used?

    Should I be using a cleaner of some sort to strip any residue after every tour? Is there a specific wax product to use? or does a standard snowboard wax work? hot wax or cold wax? will waxing effect sticking performance of my skins?

    Thanks for the pointers.

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    @shredgnar wrote:


    I don’t think that snow buildup on the skins is what he’s talking about.

    What type of skins are they? Geckos will deposited goo on your bases and there is no cure. If you have conventional glue skins (Black Diamond, G3, et) then yes by all means hot wax your board’s base! The skin’s glue will release from the board more easily and won’t leave residue. The glue will also become less tacky over time.

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    Thanks guys for the tips. I was refering to the actual board base and not skins sticking but skin wax seems like a good thing to keep on hand.

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