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    Just pulled out my gear for the up coming season,slapped my skins on my board and after i took off i had some residual glue stuck on my board,not seen this before and i am assuming my board is super dry as i’m not sure if i waxed it before i put away,or else could it be the glue? Thoughts,cheers :bananas:

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    What skins?

    I have some old G3 skins and patches of the glue are getting a honey-like consistency. Probably time to reglue. The glue should always have a greater affinity for itself rather than for other surfaces.

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    Hey Phil,they are G3 2 seasons old,looks like you are right there buddy cheers

    Matt Wood
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    Re gluing with the G3 glue is actually a pleasant experience. Quick and easy!

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    my voile skins are several years old with one application of re-glue. last time i applied new glue …. my point here is, my glue is still gooey. i just removed the residual off my board and it took gasoline to accomplish that. i’m wondering if its worth another attempt at re-gluing or just order some new skins. a better part of the day today was spent mounting my board to the work bench, getting the glue off the board, and throwing down some new wax.
    now i need to address this glue situation. i’m all ears.
    cheers folks!

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    Yeah i feel your pain,took me ages to get that glue off my board,won’t be doing that in a hurry again,i actually ended up getting new skins but still plan to re glue older pair

    Matt Wood
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    I have found scraping glue from the base with a razor blade is the easiest way to get rid of it. A certain level of caution needs to be used so you don’t create a bigger issue. Nice an easy. A rag with rubbing alcohol will make short work of the residue.

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    This is an old thread, but I need to add something. My GF has G3 skins from 2 years ago. She’s used them 8 times, and after about the 3rd use the glue has been a nightmare. It always sticks to the board and more and more is ruining the descent. I have to clean the board every time we use them.

    The skins have been stored in the same place as my Coltex skins the entire time and I’ve never had a problem. In fact I have probably 5-10 X number of days on them with no issue.

    G3 told us to re-glue the skins but that seems like it will take time and money. Anyone solve this problem? Is it unique to just G3 skins?

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    Try cleaning any dirt from the skins by ironing with a brown grocery bag between iron and skin glue.
    Then try resmoothing the surface by ironing parchment paper between glue and iron.
    Store skins with parchment paper still in place while skins/glue cools.
    Don’t let skins get to warm prior to applying to board. A nice cool 40-50 deg seems ideal. Putting 70-80 deg skins on a board is not ideal.
    Wax often and thoroughly scrape.
    If all else fails, strip glue and reglue using parchment technique.
    Keep us posted, it’d be good to hear if any of that helps.

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