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    How crazy is that? Flying over the Atlantic for some weekend turns. I had a stand-by-ticket to Munich expiring soon. In an urgend need of a backcountry fix I decided to put it to use, called my good old skiing friend Claus from Garmisch-Partenkirchen, he was in ’cause he had not done any skitouring this season as well.

    I flew on Thursday, we met on Friday and due to the bad weather conditions we drove into the Stubai Valley by Saturday morning. First the pouring rain lowered our motivation level to almost zero, but we speculated to find fresh powder in higher elevations. Often in these typical north wind situations the Bavarian Pre-Alps are covered in dense gray clouds, unloading plenty of moisture, and the main crest of the Alps, that’s where the Stubai Alps are located, experience the best weather conditions. And that’s exactly what happend to us.

    We have chosen the Franz-Senn-Huette as our destination and base camp for 2 full days of skitouring. We arrived at the trailhead in the afternoon, the cloud cover was very light, and occational the blue sky was peeking thru the low hanging clouds. On the 1-1/2 hour approach to the hut we even experienced some snow precipitation, keeping us very excited.

    Waking up the next morning, it happened as good as can be. 4″ yes, we couldn’t believe our eyes, four inches of best fluffy powder, and temperatures close to 0 F. Cloudless sky and a beautiful sunrise gave us enough motivation to rush out of the warm shelter of the hut and get on the skintrack.

    Our peak for the first day (April 30) Oestliche Seespitze, 3414 m (11,201 feet), that’s almost 5000′ elevation gain from the hut.

    Sunrise at the Franz-Senn-Hut @ 6:00 AM

    The peak on the left is the Oestliche Seespitze

    Skinning, nice play with snow and light condition



    the last few kick-turns to the peak

    classic peak shot

    no comment necessary 😉

    April powder can be exhausting, a nice resting place is always welcome

    We did an other peak the next day (May 1st), drove back home to Garmisch-Partenkirchen and a day later I was sitting on the plane with destination Charlotte, NC.

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    Nice job. I commend your decision to fly around the world for turns. I do the same except within the states. Right on man, kinda sounds like “have skis will travel”

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    even if it’s a skier’s TR … it’s nice! 😀

    stubaital is a cool destination for a weekend …

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