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    Does anyone have experience with a split board as a ski patroler? I am wondering if it is possible to ski down the hill with a toboggan with the board split as a pair of skis. Thanks

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    Possible? yes, i suppose it is technically possible. However with a free heel and soft boots it is rather hard to control, and without a TON of practice, I personally would not trust myself to ski on my split for any real length of slope. Especially with someone else safety at risk.

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    Ola Mats,

    As a past snowboarding ski patroller, I can attest to the fact that riding with a bogger is a good challenge to begin with. Add the sketchyness of of skiing in split mode and I would say it would be pretty dam hard.

    A bigger concern I would say would be getting approval from the ski resort/your head patroller to work with a split board. Dont get me wrong, I’m a die hard snowboarder but I’ll be the first to admit that a splitboarder cant maneuver and keep up as easily as skiers. Heck even telemarkers have a hard time patrolling free heeled. If you can however pull it off, power to ya! Keep us posted!


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    Four seasons patrolling on a board

    You can pull a sled no problems in board mode. Why would you even want to attempt it in split mode?

    There are very few splitters who can ski a split.

    Wysplit, Jivestick , Nomad,and …..?????????? And when I say ski, I mean enjoying it and making it look good. Which you would have to do to get your hill to approve you in split mode ( passing the ski test )

    and I have seen a lot of splitters

    as an injured guest I dont think I would want a ride down from a splitter in split mode

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