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    i’m sure many people have thought of this on their own — this especially helps me cuz i have a bunk shoulder — when peeling apart skins stuck to themselves that are giving you a hard time slide the tip hook under the climbing riser (while folded down), place foot on top, and pull — voila.

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    …or put it over the tip of the board (on the side it belongs to) and pull apart. added bonus…the skin is ready to be stuck to the board.

    KISS — learn’t it early and never forgot.

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    My Avy 1 instructor (and Utah splitboard guide) told me that’s a good way to break your board (over the tip). Besides, my BC buddies tell me it’s really sexy when i hold both ends over my knees and spread them apart… 😯


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    You could also try the tri-fold technique for your skins. Fold the first 1/4 and the last 1/4 in to meet at the center of the skin, and then fold at the center back on itself. Ends up looking like a ‘W’. Makes it so you have less to pull.

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    Or use cheat sheets

    Updated: fucking google… I mean this, not this.

    Stemming can be really annoying sometimes, it found “skin” instead of “skins” when I explicitly asked for the latter.

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    I use the knee spreading method…and in another thread Bastard Son of Elvis seemed really fond of knee spreading.

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    i use the cheat sheets or the “skinnies” that Jogi posted the other day…either of them help preserve my scrawny computer user physique from gaining any muscle mass

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    I’ve used the cheat sheets before, but like some others have mentioned they tend to leave little bits of plastic crap in the glue. After one season, I believe this is the main reason why the glue on my BD Glidelite skins is now practically shot. I like mmcpheet’s suggestion, gotta try that.

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    Wow, Are you guys all weaklings? I just rip mine apart, and stick the to the planks… No knee shuffle, tip slingin’ or any of that jazz… Just grip and give a good old stretch…

    OK, so maybe the glue on my skins is getting a little old… Easy to rip apart, and sticks just fine one the board. Plus I ride an older Burton, so it’s stretched out by the tail clip anyhow.

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    The glue on those Burton skins is not in the same league. You’re lucky yours still work. Probably only a matter of time before that glue dies, like it did on the 3 pairs of Burton skins I went through… 🙂

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