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    We have successfully wrapped up the second annual Silverton splitfest. Conditions were perfect all week, with over a foot of new stable powder dropping right before the festival and providing a great refresh to all attendees. I was lucky enough to be there a little prior to the festival and had great conditions the whole time. Couldn’t ask for anything better.

    This year, we raised $1,365 to the Colorado Avalanche Information Center! Thanks everyone for your support for the event!

    Please post your photos from the event to this thread, and I will take a few and post on our facebook page as well for final wrap-up (please include your name if you want photo credit). If you would not like me to share a photo, please let me know, and I will not.

    Thanks everyone for such a fun event!

    Big thanks to our sponsors for helping out!

    Venture Snowboards
    Phantom Splitboard Bindings
    G3 Genuine Guide Gear
    Mountain Hardware
    Gecko Skins
    Trew Gear
    Spark R&D
    Silverton Avalanche School
    Ska Brewery
    Ourayle House
    OZ Splitboards
    Southwest Adventure guides
    Purl Wax
    Splitboard Mag
    Mountain Riders Alliance
    Cold Smoke Splitboards

    Here are some of my favorite pictures I took this weekend.

    Bear Hug Tour
    Wasatch_Don, Keffler, and Skierconqueso pushing the final bootpack

    Bear Line 1, skierconqueso

    Bear Line 1, Wasatch_don

    Bear Line 2, Skatebananas

    Storm Riding Wasatch_Don

    Storm Riding, Skierconqueso

    Alpine Skintracks, cometogether

    Pushing up, with Sultan back, summersgone

    Sultan, solo skier track 😯


    Keffler, Cometogether, Wasatch_Don tracks

    Spark R&D Crew splitskiing!

    Will Ritter doesn’t need switchbacks, I measured this at 36 degrees

    Kendall Summit, Alister of Chimera, Jason, Wasatch_Don, Brendan, and Keffler

    Keffler, Kendall

    Final crew up Kendall

    Skierconqueso, Idaho

    Wasatch_Don, crushing another skintrack. It was awesome following this guy all week, what a monster! Thanks Don!

    Wishbone booting

    Sultan Party

    Washwood, Skatebananas, and Will Ritter summiting Bear

    And always, some stream crossings

    Drybags to the rescue, skatebananas


    Thanks everyone for such a memorable week. And thanks Ullr for killing it! :headbang:

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    I’m really grateful to have been there. Thanks Jason and John so much for hosting all us out of towners properly. Mind = blown by the san juan mountains and the experience in general. For sure going to come every year from here on out.

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    Looks rad boys! :thatrocks:

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    Great stoke, thanks for sharing! I’ll have to try harder to make it down next time.

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    Had a great time once again in Silverton. Place kicks my butt. May not sound like much to most, but we averaged about 5k a day. Even better was getting to shred lines with good friends.

    Started the week off with a nice one and done.

    Nice view of a turkey in the woods…

    Bones making his way to the top.

    Day or two later, time for a Bear Hug.

    Saw this terrain last year and was so stoked to get to ride it this year. Wasatch_Don setting up for a straightline through the choke blocks…

    Then the weather rolled in so we headed to the twins..

    This one makes my head spin. Summersgone dropping in.

    With visibility still low, we booted the second twin.

    Few days later, got to check out the twins from an adjacent ridge

    Once splitfest got kicked off. We got in a nice triple.

    This shot of the second run on our way to find a Turkey. MMMM soft snow.

    Best for last. Gobble Gobble, party run!

    Of course, the high point of Splitfest is getting to see everyone, hear the stories from their day and grind on some awesome food catered by Elevated Find Foods

    Thank you everyone for coming out. I had a blast and looking forward to next year.


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    I was lucky enough to be in Colorado earlier this month and figured I’d hit Silverton before working my way back to SD.

    What an incredible venue and event on so many levels!!! So awesome to meet and mingle with many of the folks here on the board and others who are not. Pretty incredible to meet so many of the innovators behind the industry and lay hands on the latest and greatest splitboard products, that shit just doesn’t happen anywhere else.

    Team Phantom/Chimera let me and Willard tag along for a mellow tour up Pump House on Saturday, nice hangin’ with you boys! Until next time amigos :thumpsup:

    having some trouble with the imbed :scratch:

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    Nice video Markus! Loving the pictures of the HQ before and after, any chance you can email them to us for the facebook page?


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    Hah! I know what y’all going to do now.

    It was good meeting you, Markus. See you on the next one!

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    Here are some pics:

    Approaching v.5

    Mountain Dog

    Cometogether, dropping the Corner Pocket

    Mountain Dog

    Tracks on Corner Pocket

    barrows, about to drop Grand Turk

    Mountain Dog, on Grand Turk

    Mountain Dog, pow cruising the bowl on Grand Turk

    Tracks on Grand Turk

    Mountain Dog, Sultan

    Mountain Dog, Sultan

    Special thanks to summersgone and keffler for all of their hard work to make the Silverton Splitfest a success!

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    I love the dog sittin up top watching out for his homies…You guys make it harder and harder to stay here in the East!


    Another great year at the Silverton Splitfest! Keffler and Summersgone know how to put on a party. Here are some pics:

    Barrows in the Chattanooga trees. We made a quick 1500ft lap on the way to Silverton on Wednesday.

    Friday Cometogether, Barrows and I headed for the couloirs on the North of V5.

    I rode my own gear once all week. Got to test out the Spark Magnetos. Very user-friendly heel risers!

    Barrows and Cometogether. Our couloir is in the middle and heads up to the right.

    Getting closer

    We ended up topping out in a wind drift just below some big cornices and rocks.

    Barrows looks around to see if we can top out.

    A view from the top

    We decide the shaded snow over the next rib would be better, so we head over

    CT drops in

    Me dropping in with next year’s Venture Zelix


    Saturday Barrows and I did the Grand Turk – Sultan traverse.
    Gotta love the view of the Grenadiers from the trailhead!

    Barrows headed up the Grand Turk


    Well that was fun!

    Now to head up that right ridge and drop the other side of Sultan Mtn (13,368ft)

    Sultan’s Summit. It was mind numbingly windy at the top!


    Stylin’ down Sultan!

    Barrows on his way out

    Then it was time for dinner and the raffles!
    Will of Spark R&D bellies up to one of the best parts of the Silverton Splitfests!

    There was a cornucopia of swag to give away!

    Keffler showing off his Phantom Bindings. I think everyone that demo’d them asked when they could buy some.

    Klem from Venture and Matt from Voile in a conversation. Anyone want to caption this one?

    Chaos ensues!! There was a shit ton of stuff just tossed out.

    The 4 girls at the splitfest play 500 for a size small shirt! That’s right- we had girls!!

    Gecko Skins- So easy even SDMarkus can pull them apart!

    AreJay wins the Voile kit!

    Lisa congratulates the Odin winner

    Bones Get Broke (who has left us for the dark side) gets boo’d when he wins the Spark binders!

    The Jones/Karakoram guys showing off their gear

    Holy crap, sorry for all the photos!

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    Haaaaaaaa HA :thatrocks: That is awesome….Bonez straight up rolls into the splitfest, and gaffles the best item. If I’m not mistaken. That location you’re having the party at is where Bonez was droppin some MAD ball punches to randoms at a SKA party. It was interesting to watch Bushy and Bonez trade off shots to the baby makers holding back tears. I literally walked around with my hands on my juevos for fear of a lurking wasted yeti.

    Damn Bonez…you’re all gray and shit! Ya old mountain yeti.

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    Thanks MD for the amazing pictures, they really make shit look real!

    SILVERTON IS fucking sick. LOVE that place :thatrocks:

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    Love the pics so far. Thanks again to John, Jason, Lisa, Klem, Melissa, and all the others who made the event a success. Here are a couple of pics from Saturday on Anvil. I’m bad about forgetting the camera and even worse about getting pictures on the descent, so I have no riding shots.
    Anvil from the road

    Jonathan, Tonda, and Jim on the final stroll to the summit

    Tonda and Jim at the top, with piles (literally) of demo gear from Chimera, Spark, Venture. Those Magnetos are f’ing badass!

    Had a blast, already trying to make it up Silverton way for one more mission this spring!

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    Chris, if you make it this way, give me a shout. I still have a lot of stoke to get out, and would be pumped to get to tour with ya!

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    @summersgone wrote:

    Chris, if you make it this way, give me a shout. I still have a lot of stoke to get out, and would be pumped to get to tour with ya!

    Absolutely, will do! Working on getting back up there in the next couple of weeks.

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    Does anyone know the name of the slide guitarist that was playing Montanya’s on Saturday night? I’ve been trying to find his music for awhile (finally gonna have time to make an edit!)

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