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    We just finished our 5th annual Silverton Splitfest. Final numbers are coming in, but around $3200 was raised for CAIC!

    I was lucky enough to take the week off prior to splitfest, and we were pretty stoked on good conditions for the majority of the week. For the the event, the weather changed a bit, but most people got out to make lemonade of the lemons presented.

    It was great to see everyone again and a lot of new faces. Till next year!

    Keffler dropping off Idarado of Kendall, at around 13,065′

    Josh full gas down Idarado

    Keffler eyeing Sultan as we make our way up Mill Creek

    Mill Creek

    Keffler on Mill Creek

    Dogs even shred! Abby, my dog had a blast.

    Keffler lap 2, Mill Creek


    Day 3 went up to South Lookout Peak, to the Magnum Coulior. Geoff is a skier, but checks out the hoodoos

    South Lookout Peak

    We dragged the skiers up S Lookout

    But they did alright

    The views from S Lookout, the Wilsons to the right

    Keffler enjoys a slash

    Then back to Silverton!

    Silverton is surrounded by mining structures created in the late 1800s and early 1900s. Climbing the mountains reminds you of these as you pass. Here we make our way to Little Giant Peak

    Climb one line and find more…

    View from Little Giant didn’t dissapoint. The Weminuche.

    Next day we made it up to Sultan Peak, 13368ft for the Sultan Reverse, skiing the SE face in corn, than the wishbone.

    On the last day of me riding, we went up to the Hoodoo Coulior. Aaron from Friends of CAIC makes his way up Paradise Basin

    Here Jon Cooper points the choke.

    Keffler getting in

    Until next year!

    Please feel free to add your photos to this, or check instagram for #SilvertonSplitfest

    Rico in AZ
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    Glad to see Silverton Splitfest is still going!
    The Juans are looking good this spring!

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