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    Thank you to everyone who came to Silverton Splitfest this year. You guys and gals were great! It was an awesome kick off year for sure. If you have pictures you want to share, please post them here.

    Big thanks to our sponsors and look forward to next year!

    Venture Shop Tour:

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    I spy a swallowtail. Cool.

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    Thanks for putting it all together, the event went off perfectly. Here are the group photos Jeremiah took last night:

    167 furberg
    163/26 Venture Helix

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    Thank you guys so much for putting this together! Pando puppy, right up front. She felt the great vibe from everyone and we all had a blast! That place is amazing!

    Silverton splitfest 2012 Jeremiah river crossing by tyoung424, on Flickr

    Splitfest by tyoung424, on Flickr

    Justin, Eric and Jeremiah by tyoung424, on Flickr

    Justin Sellers by tyoung424, on Flickr


    Thanks again


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    Eric, Brad, and Jacob, traversing the ridge of South Lookout Peak.
    slookoutridge by barrowsworm, on Flickr

    Eric and I took the short couloir in the shade on the left, to the open apron/bowl below.
    line2slookout by barrowsworm, on Flickr

    My track, and Eric on his way down above.

    tracksslookout by barrowsworm, on Flickr

    Jacob and Brad, scoping lines in Paradise Basin, S Lookout Peak.
    B&J.linechoice.slookout by barrowsworm, on Flickr

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    I want to thank everyone who came out. Myself and Keffler were very appreciative of everyone’s awesome attitude, high stoke level, and respect for the event. We especially want to thank you all for taking care of the houses. We look forward to next year and hope everyone can come back and get the same amount of beer, 2x as much snow and 10x as much stability. Thanks for making the first year a success everyone.

    I think my favorite time at the fest was prior to the event, doing a line and having Dan from Winterstick drive up after. Our conversation was fun.

    Dan: “Does it go?”
    Ben (skier friend): “Yeah, it goes”
    Me, coming out from car as fast as possible, “No it totally doesn’t go, I looked into it, cliffs out”
    Dan: “Oh, well that’s no good, it looked possible. I’m in for the Splitfest, are you guys going?”
    Me: “You are? Well I’m Jason, I’m running the event. Nice to meet you. And oh yeah, that line does go. I’m going to do it tomorrow”. 😆

    And pics from that line




    spruce cabin
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    Hope to join all those happy faces (with bright white teeth!) next year.
    Nice work, dudes.


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    Did anyone get a picture of the catered food? I missed getting one 😳 and really wanted to show it off. Melissa at Elevated Fine Foods did an amazing job!

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    @keffler wrote:

    Did anyone get a picture of the catered food? I missed getting one 😳 and really wanted to show it off. Melissa at Elevated Fine Foods did an amazing job!

    Plus 1! The food was great. And it cannot be overstated: thanks to John and Jason for all their hard work in organising and running the event, and to Klem and Lisa (Venture Snowboards) for their support and excellent hardware.

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    Big thanks to John and Jason for organizing and to everybody for showing up and making it a success. It was great meeting you guys, and I look forward to seeing you again next year!

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    Highest Grade!

    The splitfest rocked! No food photos, but fond memories of culinary excellence. It was a gathering that fed my soul with sweet lines and good company. Thanks for the everything!

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    Quick cross post alert. I updated our event page with a quick event summary. If you won something from the raffle, please let our sponsors know. Never hurts to post up on their facebook page how stoked you are! See you guys next year if not sooner!


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    Looks like a great time! :thatrocks:

    Props to the organizers and sponsors!

    I’ll be sure to donate a few shirts for next year. I see one in the group pic!

    ps – flip-flops in silverton?! Who knew. 🙂

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    Thanks everyone,
    for a super fun first run,
    at the Silverton Splitfest!
    Looking forward to putting the poster together for next year….got some sik reference material over the week I was shredding around S San Juans with different folks. It snowed 15″ in Taos the day I got back home too NM, so Im still getting shreddy., but will post some pics as soon as I weed through the 500+ images I took. Thanks again to everyone who made this such a special event :bananas:

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    Excellent photos as per usual HFT!

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    Nice photos, and nice lines… Love the high walled chutes…. Open bowls are great, but when I dream of backcountry lines, they always have towering walls of granite somewhere in them…


    Greg - NoKnees


    Similar shots as those above from HFT, but from my perspective:

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    Really Nice looking terrain. Glad you guys had good snow and a good time. Im a little sore today. Thats from Kicking myself in the ass for missing this one. SEE YOU NEXT YEAR

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    Finally uploading some of mine. Yeah, not always the prompt one, this kid.

    “Now everyone, whip yours out and let’s compare sizes.” -Jim Donovan, Silverton Avalanche school

    Barrows, Jacob, and Brad skinning up South Lookout

    Barrows and Brad climbing the top bit

    Me skinning back out to Ophir Pass Road. I just liked this picture, very Silverton

    Jacob preparing to rap into Wiley Coyote atop Kendall, Brad supervising.

    Standing on top of the coulee

    Silverton from top of Kendall

    The view from the Quito House

    Jacob shredding Kendall Mountain Resort. Very hardcore, very technical.

    All in all a righteous time. Huge thanks to John and Jason for pulling everything together. I can’t wait for next year, and I definitely hope to see some of you before then.

    It’s always been a hard thing for me to participate in an online community like this without knowing any of the other users in real life, so it was great to get to meet so many all at once. So thanks to everyone who participated and brought the loving vibe to share.

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