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    I flew over the Sierra on Tues morning on the way back from San Antonio. Not much splitboarding to be had in San Antonio, but then again my season has been non-existent this year anyway. Oh well. The plane flew over the Rock Creek/Wheeler Crest area. Of course, right as we were getting in view of the good stuff we flew through a cloud, so I didn’t get too many great shots, but there were some cool views. Wasn’t sure exactly where we were initially so didn’t know where to point to get shots of the usual suspects. Anyway, here are some pics. It does look kinda thin for this time of year, but I guess it’s hard to tell from the air.

    White Mountains:

    OK, here’s the view off the right side of the plane. We were basically right over the Wheeler Crest, heading due east. Wheeler Crest on the bottom, Red Mountain above, Lake Crowley in upper right:

    Mount Morgan N:

    Pointless Peak bottom right, Mount Morgan N top:

    Looking a little further in, I think this is Mt. Stanford on the far right middle, and Mt. Crocker in the middle:

    Then I ran over to the left side of the plane and snapped some pics. At the time I wasn’t sure where we were exactly so I just pointed it out the window and shot. Not sure exactly what I’m looking at here. Can anyone identify?

    Back on the right side, out of the clouds now. Looking back towards Mono Lake (I can totally see the Plateau! :)):


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    Awesome photos that is a great flight. I had the pleasure of doing that flight a couple years ago in decent weather in February and was blown away! This was in ’10 and it looks pretty snowy at the time.

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    ahhh so much rowdy terrain deep in the sierras. There could be some Euro type setups in there if it was accessible

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