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    Did you catch a copy of Kronicle Backcountry Snowboarding Magazine last winter?

    I sure hope so. We made that mag for backcountry shredders and splitboarders like you! We’re the first ever shred mag featuring stories about strictly backcountry adventures and images from 100% natural terrain.

    I’m thrilled to report we are back with another annual issue for Winter 2013 including bigger, badder and more inspiring backcountry shred stories than our first issue. I know it sounds sick and I know you can’t wait to get your hands on the next issue but wait, it gets better…

    For one of the finishing touches of the next issue we would like to include you in it’s pages! Yes you, the powder afflicted and addicted backcountry shredder!

    Our vision is to celebrate our fans and the joy of ripping backcountry pow by creating an image collage featuring shots of you, your bro or your number one homegirl getting all sloppy in the pow. What we’re looking for are shots that are focused on you and your pow turn such that we can show off as many epic faceshots as we can on one page.

    The shots can be new or old but please don’t submit shots from under the chairlift. Images should be submitted as hi-res as possible with the understanding that we may crop them down. Pick your best pow portrait or two but please don’t flood me with a 200 frame sequence. I will be accepting submissions until Sept 28.

    Lucky fans who make the page will get hooked up with Kronicle swag and goodies from our treasure chest.

    Submit all shots to

    Hope to see your drooling, powder plastered face in my inbox soon!

    – Seth Lightcap

    Kronicle Mag, Photo Editor

    For more info on Kronicle visit

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    before I waste time digging through pics are gopro on a stick shots any good to you or too self indulgent? I have plenty like this. I wont be offended if you say theyre no good to you.

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    I have no problem with creative and dynamic Go Pro angles. POV still frames that catch you ripping into the fall line can look really cool.

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    SDMark, you should post up your sequence from the negatives…..

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