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    First roadtrip with my new Ford Wheel Drive Fusion! Had to go for a classic, and Shasta was the plan!
    Snobro and I leave Tahoe in the afternoon :guinness:

    Shasta July 21st from Castle lake, a beautiful site!

    We get an alpine hangover start

    Hiking through the Shasta Wilderness is breathtaking and reminds me of Tahoe…the trees, granite, flowers,dirtbag hippies

    Below treeline something shredable and smooth comes into view!


    Its the Mt Shasta Skatepark, and the season is on!

    Good thing I brought munchies, I just got back from Weed city!.

    Rocks needed to be climbed, and boardsilde

    Or just blasted over!

    Mini vert bowl with rock exposure Goofy


    Rock was the theme for the day as Snobro rock and rolls “The Steeps”

    My dogs were barkin at the end of the day

    Riding Shasta was sick! Hope everyone is enjoying summer.

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    Yeah Aaron. That bowl looks super fun.

    Castle IS a nice spot 2 swim and 4 turns too.

    christoph benells
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    dude. i gots three words for ya. lincoln city, oregon. you will not be dissapointed.

    and good job on getting those zebra mussels.

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    Thanks Junkie! Chris and I were talkin about how the Castle Zone looked money with good snow… Im assuming the road must be plowed in the winter…. I am down for Shasta shred, I just need more Pow and less suncups lol.
    -Chris, Lincoln City is epic! Got to sk8 it on my road trip to Washington a few years back!

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    Yeah dude, sweet whip Aaron! Looks like a fun trip, always get a kick out of weed myself :mrgreen:

    I heard there’s a skate park in Lone Pine for any future Eastside missions :thumpsup:

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