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    well, the east side sucks this year. I wanna do a Shasta trip. either side. Cant go June 23rd weekend.


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    Thoughts? Yes, lots of them. Another SD splitter had the same idea but was thinking way earlier. Either way, wanna make it happen.

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    Let’s caravan up the 5! Watching the recent Volcano stoke has me fired up!

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    nat and I wanna do hottuna at least this year. i hope mid-june is the right time. let’s do it text

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    I’d go earlier. Shasta is doing better than the Sierra but not a ton better.

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    Might try hitting it up (with Lassen) sometime between the 17th and 22ndish if there is a good weather window. Hoping to get in more than one trip this spring. If any of the usual (or not so usual) suspects wanna rally in a couple weeks, hit me up!

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    I have eyes on brokeoff N. Facing chute, if anyone else thinks that’s a good idea. Probably some techy moderate ice climbing involved.

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    How about May 17th weekend? Avalanche gulch route. Leave friday early am to drive up, start out early am saturday for the long climb. Top out saturday /or sunday Drive back sunday or monday?

    Who’s in?

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    I may be in the area for business..if so, I’ll be there.

    I like the H/W route though that PJ mentions. Guessing the road access opens much earlier this year, and conditions could be ripe for a 7k descent over there. 😉

    Also, I’m down for whatever Lassen stuff.

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    Game for Shasta/Lassen.

    Coming from the Truckee area.

    Damn these warm temps, the season ain’t over yet! :headbang:

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    Yeah Jbay, I would rather do the east side. Didnt know it would be possible to get to the brewer trailhead by then. That makes it even more tasty

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    SD to Shasta, what is that, like a 2 day drive?

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    SD to Shasta, what is that, like a 2 day drive?

    12 hours each way. Not a problem. Weather, splitters and a good date is the tough part

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    Theres 2 of us in SD that would definitely be down. More in OC if we need.

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    I’m in the ventura area, definitely would be down for a Shasta trip. Free between now and mid May any day and weekends after that. Will drive too :headbang:

    wasatch surf
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    i’m game.

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    Looking at cruising up Tuesday pm, riding Wed. and Thu. if anyone is down. If something comes about for a shredfest in May I could be into that, too.

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    Looks like we got a Convoy. Lets set a tenative date and of course…..its Shasta so it could be good, or it cold hard as a rock up top.
    may 17th -may 20th.
    Jetlag, ill pm you my number. I gotta tell Imatationfunk too. Hes in L.A . but Im sure hewant to know. I can drive too. but lets cram the ride so we get less time behind the wheel

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    I’ll be making a few trips this spring up there for sure (jimw and I rode it April 2nd) but I won’t make plans more than a few days out as that mountain is very weather dependent for getting the goods. (I have that luxury due to location and profession) It’s super fat right now!….compared to the rest of CA

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    Yeah BG, I wish I could go on more weekends, but I have a daughter getting married June 23rd and the family has a lot of things for me to do coming up.
    As you say….these are tenative on weather

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