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    hi splitters, riders and such…

    first i wanna say that i love lookin’ at the trip reports here..keeps the stoke on! (specially on a poor winter like the one we had around here, maybe i wouldn’t have made it if i didn’t get to see some pow in your pics and vids!)

    second (well this is not an expose so there isn’t a list of points i want to make really)

    i’ll just post this vid of the best filmed run of my season (shot the 14th of march in the french alps in a place lost between the northern and the southern alps))…eventhough i didn’t use my split to get to the top of that line..i wanna share the pow..hope you like it!

    this is the line taken from the opposite mountain ( on the left side of the middle rige with a rappel around the middle)

    and the vid


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