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    Date: June 29-30, 2008

    Location: Saddlebag Lake, CA

    Weather: Sunny and warm

    Participants: mmcpheet, bcrider, sinecure, guest appearance by jimw, liketoride, and wavy

    Gameplan: season closeout

    Beta: road and campground are open, boat taxi is running

    Pics: bcrider, mmcpheet

    Intro: The Saddlebag Lake Season-Closeout Experience is something I look forward to each and every year. If you haven’t experienced it yourself I highly recommend it.


    The Drive
    The Approach
    Mt Conness Summit Couloir
    Snow Finger
    Jimw and LTR slay After Work Chute a.k.a Mr. Powder’s
    Dinner & Sunset
    Day 2
    S-Couloir and Surroundings
    The End


    The Drive
    On our way over Monitor Pass we look back to the land of the red sun, our beloved California under a cloud of smoke due to all the recent wildfires. 🙁

    Sadness is replaced with happiness thanks to some nearby florem. 🙂

    A couple hours later and we’re at Sinecure’s camp at Saddlebag Campground enjoying a beer and thinking about the day to come.

    The next morning mmcpheet makes lunch.

    The Approach

    The view from the boat taxi is nice but what we enjoy most is not walking 2 miles around the lake to start the day.

    Sinecure is stoked.

    Greenstone Ridge and North Peak come into view near the end.

    Take the summer trail for about 15mins and then hike cross country aiming towards the waterfall.

    Above the waterfall the terrain opens up.

    The Snow Finger and S-Couloir.

    Lovely granite.

    Looking over to North Peak…

    over to some ice in the Conness Glacier…

    and finally up to the goal, the Summit Couloir.

    Up we go.

    Nice views are the icing on the cake.

    As are the cool rocks at the top.

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    Nice BCR! I think this was covered elsewhere, and I’m looking for it, but what camera do you use to take your pics?


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    lemme guess, you’re going to drag out all the chapters til NEXT season starts?

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    Mt Conness Summit Couloir

    Mmcpheet does the honors.

    bcr ollies the shrund.

    At the bottom we traverse skiers right to the Snow Finger.

    Mmcpheet and sinecure find a cranny along the way.



    Snow Finger






    Looking back.

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    @kjkrow wrote:

    Nice BCR! I think this was covered elsewhere, and I’m looking for it, but what camera do you use to take your pics?


    Thanks! I use a Canon G9 and Canon 800IS. I also take a fair amount of time with the edit using a mac program called aperture.

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    After a fun run on the Snow Finger we took the trad route over to GPS.

    This time I get freshies.

    The walk back to the boat

    mmcpheet is next.

    Ice boarding?


    One last shot to the summer trail.

    Looking towards Greenstone Ridge.

    The After Work Chute aka Mr. Powder’s was looking good on the hike out.

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    Jimw and LTR slay the After Work Chute

    On our way back to the boat dock we came across wavy and friends who alerted us that jimw and liketoride were hitting the After Work Chute.

    All the way to the lake, nice work guys!

    LTR even did it with her arm in a sling!

    Waiting for the boat.

    On the boat.

    Sinecure looks pleased.

    Chips and salsa with a coldie, one of my favorite ways to end a summer ski day.

    Sinecure came solo but brought enough gear for a small army. 🙂

    Dinner and Sunset

    After helping sinecure break camp we headed to the Mo-Mart for some good eats. Carnitas tacos and gumbo.

    After dinner we headed back to the campground and caught some nice light.

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    You all rule! I worked… :thatrocks:

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    Pretty cool guys. Still looks good out there.

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    Day 2

    The next day we grabbed some breakfast at the general store before getting on the boat.

    More great views from the lake.

    The Approach

    We took the same summer trail as the day before.

    One of the many smaller lakes in the Twenty Lakes Basin.

    Above the waterfall we look back to Greenstone and Saddlebag Lakes…

    before crossing the stream.

    Melting ice.

    Red Algae.

    Time to change into ski gear.

    S-Couloir Surroundings

    mmcpheet finds something.

    Our shade spot.

    My turn.

    The snow was pretty fun so we moved over to the other side of the S. Mmcpheet checks out the melting snowpack.

    And then we get our turns on.

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    This year marks 7 years of hitting the S-Couloir at the end of the season and it’s another tradition I enjoy.

    For mmcpheet it was his first time.

    Up we went.

    The climb up was fun as always.

    Time to ride.




    Looking back.

    Pond Skimming

    I had fun skimming the pond last week at the Crystal Range so I was kinda itching to try it again. The first attempt I didn’t make it over the grass bank at the end.

    Mmcpheet enjoys nature while I hike back up to hit it again.

    Here we go.

    I think this will be a new season-ending tradition too!


    The End

    See ya next year! 🙂

    Special props to great partners as always this year, especially mmcpheet! :thatrocks:

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    Sweet pics and TR! It was cool running into you guys out there. Looks like you had a great day on Sunday too. I gotta try the pond skim next time. 🙂 Love the “ice boarding” shot too.

    That place is pretty special to me too for end of season trips. My first season splitting, I went out there with Dan B and Derek, and that was when I first met you and we did the S and North Peak. Dan and I also hit up that nook above the Snow Finger – we called it the Snow Fingernail! Incidentally, I believe that was also when the “Fruitcake” chute was named… I also remember looking at that sweet diagonal After Work chute, and have wanted to do it since then. It was cool to finally get to do that, and conditions were not too bad! I got some OK helmetcam footage, I’ll try to post that up soon.

    And you weren’t kidding about the size of sinecure’s tent! 😯 We need one of those for the next splitfest. 🙂

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    Looks like a nice way to end the season, looking forward to getting in on the season ending trip next year.

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    Another great reminiscent TR! Thanks for always taking the time to put these together ❗ :thatrocks: 😀

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    This TR needs more props. I mean, it got more love on TGR than on here, how can that be!!!

    Props to all involved! It’s great stoke to hold over for the summer. I’ll keep re-reading this one every few weeks until October …

    affix snow
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    Killer work as usual!!!!

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