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    Snownymph, glad you posted your web link. You have some great photos I have been looking at for a year now. I will keep you posted.

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    Thanks everyone for posting pics – I’d do so but they would just be repeats.

    Thanks to DJ Barney for all the Voile goods and to bcrider for my new t-shirt!

    And, of course, special thanks to WSR for putting on such a good event. Will definitely be back next year!

    Snow Nymph
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    Patroller, I think I saw you tonight at Roberto’s! Were you there ~7pm?

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    No, I wished I was there with all that good powder, Im here in San Diego, but I am packing gear to go to splitfest in Utah!

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    You lucky bastards have been nothing but trouble since the gosh darn day you were born. Wish I could have been there. Big ups to Bridgerhippy and Lifelinksplit. Woop woop

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    @wyomingsplit_ride wrote:

    Splitchick gets into the action too, but it looks like she got busted.

    Sick coat… now those are my people…

    Nice pics ~ way to get after it. 8)

Viewing 6 posts - 21 through 26 (of 26 total)

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