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    Hi there!! Man, putting together a good splitboard system is really making my head spin. Does anyone else have a hard time sleeping at night thinking about this stuff?

    I am currently working on a DIY split. Gonna be using a soft boot binding system (light rails) for most outings but will be also doing some tours which will include some ice climbing so need something else for those occasions.

    My question is….do you think the Scarpa Summit GTX boot

    will work with the voile lightrail binding as a reasonable combo? I already have these boots. Is the highback on the lightrail binding as high as most other bindings? The boot definitely seems wide enough. I haven’t gotten the bindings (in the mail) but have a opportunity to potentially get some AT boots and then would have to get some plate bindings but would kind of like to avoid spending even more money then I have already.

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    In a word “No”

    Snowboard boots have been designed for a reason. One of those reason is to hold you heel in place. This is a bad idea, might as well go back to Sorels.

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    In another word… “maybe”

    Really depends on whether the lightrail and the boot fit. Often there is too much lateral slop. I’ve also found that the straps dig into your feet without a dbl boot. And good used snowboard boots are dirt cheap on Craigs list. having said that, give it a try. I’ve used leather hiking boots and strap bindings on some fun stuff.

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    Thanks for the feedback. Not sure if you guys are familiar with this boot but it is definitely not a hiking boot or a pair of Sorels. It is Scarpa’s answer to the Sportiva Nepals. It’s a 4 season boot that is rather thick and very well insulated and also quite tall. But yeah, I have two pairs of snowboard boots for regular tours so I’ll just have to see how my Summits perform with the bindings once they come in. They are pretty wide compared to my snowboard boots so I wouldn’t think the lateral slop would be too much of the issue. Kind of concerned about calf bite though. We’ll see. May try to come up with a low back solution for that.

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    I used a bit of neoprene on the highback when I rode in hiking boots and leather mtn boots. Ducttape is your friend.

    Is the summit a fabric boot or leather? Plether maybe?

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    What I did in the early days of snowboarding was wear a pair of soccer shin protectors backwards to help against the highback.

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    I have those boots and love them. never used them snowboarding though so can’t help you there so good luck in your search

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