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    I just commited to a hard boot setup after buying dynafits and hardware.

    Now is the tricky part; boots.

    I was thinking f1’s, f3’S, tlt5’s, garmont master lite or Scarpa rush…

    the rush is the 3 buckle version of the popular maestrale, and it

    is the cheapest option of all the boots mentionned above. My body is rocking a HB setup with dynafits and maestrale. I thought a 4buckle boot was too much for snowboarding…

    But the rush is also quite light and has a nice intuition liner that comes with it, the thing that attracted me the most about it is its mellow foward lean and flex rating…

    Anyone has any feedback on the rush for me??

    Any information would probably help, thanks,

    Charles, Terrace BC.

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    From what I’ve just quickly read about the rush, it’s going to be a stiffer boot then the TLT5 (my only comparison). I wouldn’t think this is what you want. People are making mods to soften the TLT5.

    Not sure what size you are looking for, but if it’s a 27 or 29 shell, I’d say pick up your boots here:

    A few of us have ordered out boot from here and got a killer deal. I even got free shipping by finding an online coupon.

    Hope that helps. I’m sure Barrows will chime in. He’s got tons of experiences to back up his opinions.

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    thanks for the link! too bad im more of a 28.5 kind of guy. . .29.5 might be too big, 27 def. too small. otherwise i wouldve been all over that. yeah i guess tlt5 has 2 buckles and scarpa rush 3… but the rating of the rush for flex is 90 which is quite soft. thanks for the info.

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    The Rush looks pretty stiff to me. But a boot like this could be modded to achieve good flex. It would probably take a lot of plastic cutting to achieve a really good snowboarding friendly flex, whereas the TLT5 does not require extensive modding, and is a lighter boot as well.
    But working with the Rush might be a rewarding experience, and the fact that Scarpas come stock with Intuitions is a big bonus. I say go for the Rush, and post your impressions and mods!

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    i wouldve but i just got an awesome deal on a pair of f1s so I think Ill get those instead since they are lighter and do the right mods to hopefully get something that works. thanks for the reply though!

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