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    This seems like a minimalist AT boot that might have some appeal with the splitboard crowd. I am riding a pair of Black Diamond Primes (I needed a wide toe box boot) but I would be interested in a soft flexing boot that would requite minimal mods. I would be curious to hear what the experienced hard boot folks think of this new take on an AT boot.

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    Those lycra spats are a good idea. One of the things I didn’t like about my Scarpa F1 Race hardboot experience (aside from the ride 😉 ) was the snow pouring in all the gaps in the shell.

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    I think I saw these in the store the other day (maybe this review is for the version that is not yet out?). One thing that stood out to me was they were really light, but also wondered if they will hold up to years of abuse which I think is needed to justify the money spent. (Soft boots are much cheaper, but you don’t get as many years out of them as hard boots argument.)

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    The openings in the shell of the Alien would be a no go for me, as snow pouring into the shell is really not acceptable. The lycra cover is too fiddly to use. The lean mechanism cannot be easily modded to allow for forward flex and with the rearward support locked. This boot would probably require one to fab an entirely new lean mech to get optimal snowboarding performance. And the shell still has those openings. This boot also has no tongue, and adding one might be difficult-it is nice to have a tongue to distribute toeside turing forces evenly.
    I like the boa closure for the foot section though, should be really adjustable.
    Overall, I think the Scarpa F1 is a better platform on which to develop a splitboarding boot (for those who might prefer Scarpa). Otherwise, the Dynafit TLT5 makes a lot more sense to me-and for those with a seriously portly foot, next years Dynafit “The One” will probably mod up into a good riding boot.

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    Thanks for the input Barrows—it is much appreciated! The Dynafit One is going to be making an appearance on the wish list.

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