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    Like Powderjunkie, I thought I would also try to kick some life into the forum by posting some photos from last spring.
    First some shots from the Hanks. The weekend before a friend sent me some recon pics that showed a decent snowpack remaining. Me and the lady decided to check out a different side of the range than I had been to before. A week of sun had taken its toll.

    We found a patch and a dirt road that led right to the base of it. A cattle path got us to the ridge with little effort.

    The snow was quite terrible. I dubbed this surface “tiger snow”

    Gully blasting

    Magic school bus

    We missed the boat on this trip but it was still worth the trip.

    A few weekends later we went on a camping trip to another desert range that had received a couple feet of snow in the week before our trip. Conditions were more early season than late season since Im pretty sure most slopes were bare prior to this storm.

    An over protective paved road closure (it was bare on our slog)led to more walking and shitty light led to a lack of riding pictures than we were expecting

    Alpine art at 1200 ft


    I went out on last day on the last day of may after the last storm of the season.

    At the top of the couloir, we watched the entire face of the peak to the left go and figured we probably over stayed our welcome.

    Weeee! (A bit bony up top)


    It was a fun season but I was over riding by then so I locked my gear away in the shed and vowed to not think of riding until October

    Then it was time to fish…

    Pray for snow!

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    Nice Switchback!

    Where are you riding?

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