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    The motel is all booked up now. Please come another time.

    If you’re worried about parking you could always come in from Lundy.


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    PJ, I’m on the waiting list at the Greenstone Suites.

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    @bcrider wrote:

    The route around the lake is also mainly a traverse so be prepared (jimw).

    I seem to remember some other people having “issues” with traversing at Angora peak. Or maybe I just made that up and I’m the only splitter in the world who dislikes traverses. 🙂

    In any case, I plan on being there even if I have to ice skate across the damn lake (hmm…), so put me down in the head count.

    I’ll most likely get there real late Friday night (can’t get out of work) and try to drag my ass out there on Saturday before too late.

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    Hi everybody, I am also planning on heading up there for the weekend. Since my plans are not as definite my friend and I will take of our own permit. We will probably be hiking into camp at greenstone Saturday morning (good chance most of you will already be off touring for the day). Since my friend isn’t riding I will probably occupy myself with the lesser end of the vertical scale and stick to the open bowls.

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    @mykeburtons70 wrote:

    Anyone driving from the Salt Lake area? I’ve got plenty of room but could use the company, that looks like at least a 10hr drive. I’ll check some local BC people I know.

    Maybe I’ll see ya then.


    any luck finding a co-pilot mike?

    it should be one to remember! 😀

    ps. cool safetypinguy!

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    I am extremely envious of all of you. Unfortunately, I have to go to my graduation on Saturday night for graduate school. Staring Tuesday, I will be up on the eastside for a week of corn farming, so save some turns for me. I’m sure you guys will tear saddlebag a new one. I hope you guys have a great time.

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    Congrats on the graduation, Arash. Now you can move closer to the snow. Tear it up next week.

    Dutch MArC_OS
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    Congrats on the graduation, Arash We will miss you around this weekend. Have Fun

    PS : Please check “Group dynamics at Saddlebag Lake: for additional permit info.

    Grtx Marc D

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    Congrats Arash…we’ll miss ya!

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    oh man, the need to be at OAK airport 4pm Saturday is just killing me. Ack!

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    Hey Ecobrad, it looks like you are getting crampons from BCR? If you still need me to rent you a pair call my cell phone. I can get them at Mammoth on the way in friday

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    I never did find a copilot from UT, I wish there were as many BC’rs out here as there seems to be in CA.

    I was going to give it a shot anyway but I pulled a muscle in my back Tuesday, almost recovered today but missed the event. I’m looking forward to reading the trip report and see some good pics. Next time.

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    what a weekend…splitters unite! 🙂



    good lines (powderjunkie in the S Couloir…doable from the TOP this year 8) )

    full TR and viddy to come.

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    Smokinfatbob and snow nymph posse,

    What did you all end up doing? White Mtn? 🙂

    We missed you.

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    How about a hip, hip, horay for the frozen lake! Man, that was sweet on the way out! What an amazing weekend-perfect weather, mountains, and vibe.

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    bastards! 😉 I got to start packing and moving into a new house. Sounds like youse had a fine fine weekend, I envy you all.

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    Yeah…that thing was sure a time and effort savor. We made it from camp to the dam in less than an hour. It was safe too. 🙂

    Ps. agreed on the vibe. 8)

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    @bcrider wrote:

    Smokinfatbob and snow nymph posse,

    What did you all end up doing? White Mtn? 🙂

    We missed you.

    After getting sick and vomiting all night on Friday, I slept in on Saturday morning and headed back to the car on Saturday afternoon.

    That was the worse case of altitude sickness I’ve ever experienced and I simply didn’t have the energy to get back to Greenstone.

    So, yeah, I was pretty bummed to miss out. 🙁

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    Sorry to hear that bro. 🙁

    Altitude can definitely affect people differently. We’ll get em next year…the mountains aint going anywhere. 🙂

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    that was an AWESOME weekend! thank you all for the great fun. argghhh, if only I hadn’t left my brand new ice axe at the top of the Y couloir.

    BCR, when you get the pics or vidy, if you don’t mind doing a little spy work on them, can you check to see if you see an ice axe attached on my pack when you filmed me on the way down Sat. I am 99% sure I left it at the Y, just trying to make sure before I put a post on the “lost & found”.

    Note to all the crazyfun frozenlake crossers: It took my turbo-charged yellow fluo AT boots just short of 50mins to get to the dam. And it was super safe too … ha ha 🙂

    What a fun weekend. oh yeah, btw, anyone wants to go to Lundy next weekend 😉

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