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    With the weather report on Shasta calling for windy conditions after 39 emails it was decided to go to The Mount Conness area based on JimW’s conditions report from a couple weeks back. This place is special place to Me, it was my first overnighter where I met most of the people I tour with now.
    The trip to saddlebag lake and then on to greenstone lake is a long slog, so a plan was hatched to make the way out a little easier

    The trip back was going to be a breeze, but the trip in….errr up was a rough go

    We had a couple of new faces in the gang
    WJB and Malikia, JimW,s husky

    After biking,hiking,and finally skinning we were ready for some fun

    Nothing technical, just buttered corn

    Swanny dropin in

    and rippin

    WJB,s turn for turns

    JimW. drops as Mal looks on

    Imitationfunk in the Sierra granite

    Riding down into camp

    Imitationfunk soaks up the California Sun

    While Swanny gets His grub on

    JimW brought out His new sleeping bag. I thought it made Him look like Gumby

    and….it makes his butt look big

    Mal seemed to like the camp location

    He didnt like the Doggles though. Lasted long enough for a pic

    Sunday we headed for the Mt. Conness area

    And it was pure Corntopia


    Mal setting up for a corn slash

    WJB fantail shot


    Swanny had to leave early Left his signature

    Rewards for a hard days work

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    Nice work Tex! I’m certain that bike ride has done irreparable harm to my back. Not sure what I’m more stoked about. The Sierra corn or finally eating at Whoa Nellie Deli. I can’t believe you can eat like that 8 miles from the trailhead. It makes me want to load up my gear and hit the road.

    Speaking of the road….Shasta! Shasta! Shasta!

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    Look like a good time gents, well done! :rock:

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    Sweet spring stoke! ohhh the doggles!

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    :clap: :clap: Nice job guys! :headbang: :headbang: :headbang:

    After much research, experimentation and consideration, I have decided adulthood is not for me. Thank you for the opportunity.

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    I was great meeting and touring with you guys. Thanks for having me along

    This was the view I was greeted with Saturday morning

    enjoying the view from the top of Greenstone

    enjoying the view of our handywork from camp

    Jim clearly outclassing the rest of us where style points are concerned

    pointing the way to cornitopia

    on top of the Conness Glacier with nothing but untracked creaminess before us


    on the way back to camp then Momart for dinner 🙂

    imitationfunk I am planning Shasta or possible return to Conness whichever is holding up better for June 6th through the 9th

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    Sorry , pics now fixed. Thought I could host them from my google drive by changing the embedded code. Well at least they showed up on my computer :scratch: Thanks Jim for the heads up :mrgreen:

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    Great effort! Looks like a blast!

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    Nice work splitters. Looks fun. Jim aka Inspector Gadget; what exactly is that? Some sort of crash pad for bouldering or a dual use sleeping pad/chair? Intriguing….

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    word up guys, way to bring it.

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    Sick write up and photo’s..

    I kinda like the gumby sleeping bag, but love the husky Stoke!

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