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    Fellow Splitters…

    I’m checking out a job in Sacramento, CA for department of interior…

    Where is that in approximation to where most of you all ride…

    I was out in CA this past fall… San Fran was okay, but LA… what a sh!th0le

    opinions appreciated…

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    stay the fuck out of montana!!!

    oh wait, sorry, wrong thread 🙄 carry on

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    I spent about a month in Sacto back in 03 training for a company I worked for. Not too bad a place. Walkable downtown, some cool bars on the river, a couple of good skateparks nearby. I was in a hotel so I can’t really tell you about good vs bad neighborhoods. It’s pretty flat there and is hotter then hell in the summer but your a couple of hours from tahoe and an hour from SF. Do yourself a favor and take a trip there to check it out before pulling the trigger.

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    Sac is a nice location…access to most everything. Tahoe daytrips, Shasta in 3 hours and the northern High Sierra is a 4.5-6 hour drive. Coastal snowpack, so generally lower avy risk. Lots of good backcountry options in all seasons (if you are also a hiker/backpacker). Good resorts for in-bounds riding when the Avy risk is high. Sac itself is OK, if you want big city life the Bay Area is ~2 hours away. Usually some good Bay Area warehouse/outlet sales from Mountain Hardwear, Sessions, Burton, The North Face if you happen to be a gear whore. Much worse places to live…oh yeah and 300+ days of sunshine doesn’t hurt either. :drinks:

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    Not bad at all. River right through town so spend a little, get a used boat and wakeboard, Hot as hell, smooooooooooooooooth water and no wind problem.

    As others said. Good access to Tahoe, Shasta the Sierra , Yosemite and Sequoia national Parks. Cheap place to live as far as California Goes.

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    I live 30 miles east of Sac towards Lake Tahoe in the foothills. We really like it because we are close enough to Sac for work but don’t have to live there. Sac isn’t a bad city we just grew up in much smaller towns and so the outskirts work out better for us. Plus I’m closer to Tahoe which is nice. Cali is really a great state for outdoor stuff and Sac is essentially located in reach of it all. As others have said, SF is close for coastal stuff, Shasta and Lassen are close, Tahoe is right there, the eastside is the furthest but still only 3.5+ hrs away.

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