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    I’ve ridden lots of big mountain boards, this is my 21st season, this is my first split.

    First impressions are that this is better than most solids I’ve ridden. Very fast, great shape (love the rocker nose, provides plenty of dampening without feeling ‘limp.’ Rides switch great. Pretty much feels like a stiff snappy board with freestyle heritage on a big mountain shape.

    I don’t even have SB-spec bindings, just using the voile kit with my stiff K2 bindings mounted.

    Took it up to Hood yesterday and caught a few laps on the Palmer snowfield in the sun. 2000 vertical feet of corn almost the whole way back to Timberline lodge made for a great afternoon.

    Even better, I got last year’s (Rasta colors) only used 1nce prior, for a really good price through I’ve had mixed experiences shopping there, but you can score some really good deals if you’re careful and ask lots of questions.

    Thanks Voile, you’ve got a winner here. I have no doubt this board will serve me well for a season I expect will stretch into next July.

    Just can’t wait to get some Sparks on there!

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