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    Got a couple sets I need to get rid of. They are all previously used, some more than others. The first pair are the purple Ride LXH woman’s large binder. These are probably one of the nicer sets I have done. All parts are in excellent condition. Asking $250

    The next pair are Ride SPi men’s medium (my size 9.5 RFL’s fit perfect in them and you could probably fit up to a size 10). They are missing a toe strap currently and I will knock a little bit off the price unless I find a replacement. 😉 These a probably the stiffest pair of them all. Perfect for a Winterstick or any other tank board out there. Asking $225

    Last pair for now are the grey and black camo Ride LS’s. They are the same size and fit as the SPi’s, but quite a bit lighter! They have a broken toe strap (I broke it riding at the resort before I converted them). Asking $225

    All of these binders incorporate the welded toe ramp and standard Voile slider track interface. They all have the Rughty heel touring support plate as well.

    I am still taking trades and giving discounts to those who provide new slider tracks. PM for details. All prices are negotiable. 775-250-1464

    And I will also continue converting your personal binders. PM for details


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