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    Matt Wood
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    Just came across a 2012 Krypo Magtek from a friend who rode for them a few years back. Looks sweet, still in plastic. Anyone have any experience with this board? Has anyone split one? Not sure what to do with it.


    The krypto is the more laid back version of the Experience. It is the same shape with a softer core. We gave one away at a raffle event and split it for the lucky winner. He only has a few days on it but loves the board. The experience of that year had a foam core, but the kryto is full wood, it makes a amazing splitboard.

    The shape is one of the best freeride shapes ever made, you can thank Jeremy Jones 🙂

    Matt Wood
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    Decided last night to split her over a few beers. The quiver grows for next season :headbang:

    Thanks for the reply. I’m a mervin guy but this board looks hungry for pow.

    christoph benells
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    i like those boards alot.

    they wheelie-barb super sweet. the experince wheelie-barbs a bit better due it’s stiffer, but the krypto is still plenty fun for the free-ride.

    rode one at baker a few months ago on a great shuksan arm powday, and got the most memorable slash of my entire life.

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    Post some pics
    Im riding the experience this year.

    Just waiting for the snow.

    We will have the XV split in any time now, will be interesting to see them side buy side

    Adam West


    While we are talking about the Experience and the Krypto, what is the shortest lengths in each of these?

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    I split the 164. I will post up some pics. Such a fun board. Nice work.

    Matt Wood
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    I’ll post picks next season. I just split a new T Rice with all new hardware and decided to keep my roached Jamie Lynn split for the early season rock dodging sessions. I was just about to start pulling hardware when my Wife asked “are you sure you want to start next season with 2 new splits?” That’s why I love her.

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    Here is my Rossignol Krypto Split:

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