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    So I’m thinking about getting one of these. I like the idea of the s camber/rocker and the price. Who is riding one of these? Any feedback on them. Good or bad?

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    My friend has a 62 with some spark burner LT’s mounted on it. He guides out in revi at eagle pass and and loves it.. the only negative feed back I’ve heard from him is that its a little soft!

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    I don’t entirely trust Rome’s construction. I have broken two, and I new two other people who had broken their boards. This was about five years ago, so I don’t know if that has changed at all. Also these were all broken while riding park, but then again I have never broken any other boards riding park. They are really good about warranties, but I just would hate to have issues with a board while in the backcountry.

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    Thanks for the feedback. Sounds like it could be right up my alley, I do like soft. I wonder if they’re quality has gone up in the last 5 years?

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    Quality wise, I have only seen two Rome boards back for warranty this season and they were both replaced fast.. they also come with a two year warranty which is nice.

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    I owned a 165 for about 3 times out. It wasn’t for me. Keep in mind I’m a bigger guy 6′ 190-ish :guinness: Dam beer :thumpsup: I didn’t like how it’s “early rise” tip… sank pretty early on a deep skin, but like I said.. I’m a big Polish bastard. A total reverse camber like the Zephyr is what I prefer.

    I sold it to a friend who loves it. I think Romes a great company, and like many others… new to the split game. Try one out and see what you think.

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    Ya I wish I could try one out, but unfortunately I don’t know anyone who owns one and none of the shops do demos. I suppose I’m just going to have to pull the trigger and see if I like it.

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    just saw this post and hopefully it’s not too late. If nothing else, hope this might help others next year. I have mine since Jan this year (2012). I’m guessing I had about 70 days of riding on it so far. it’s a super fun board to ride; flexy, responsive and light. I do agree that it can be a bit stiffer overall. I weight about 165 and size 162 board floats fine for me on AK powder. Only issue I have, which is a big one, is that the construction is less than ideal. The base near the edges has deformed, and the gap between the boards widen (see pics below). But hey, I know it’s not a Venture. Other than the constructions, I’m happy with the board. it’s the funnest board I have.

    ps. I took care of the gap with K-clips.

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    I have the same gap on a factory Never Summer Summit Split 😉

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