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    Disclaimer–Not the best quality pics as we were busy shredding most of the time.

    It’s been an awful start to the season here in the Coast Mountains. A combination of a lack of snow and sketchy snowpack have left us searching. So of to Revy it was, and time to get my pow on at the Canuck Splitfest.

    I was lucky enough to show up after most of the areas had been closed due to a big dump.
    I rolled in to the parking lot to find my good friend who had spent the last 11 nights in the comfortable abode of his Tacoma. Christmas with the wife, nope he was on the pass.

    The first day was spent hitting the close easy access trees. 3 laps of waist deep blower.

    Darcy slaying it

    We checked out the nights festivities back down in town and the next day it was off to the alpine with a crew of Phantom Bindings( aficionados, myself, Darcy, Keffler, Wasatch_Don, and our local knowledge Karkis.

    Bluebird for the tour up.

    It went greybird as we topped out, Karkis pounding out the last section.

    Being a great guide he pointed us down

    Keffler doing a snow quality check

    Back up from the bottom of the valley

    We were then able to look over at and see our first run,top to bottom, 2600′ of bliss.

    Karkis went back to work the next day while we went up the same valley for some more trees

    Keffler, doing more product testing

    Back to the alpine

    Wasatch_Don was stoked

    and we were rewarded with a great sky on the way out

    The next day we checked out a different area. Don, Darcy, Keffler.

    Great looking chute on the way up

    I guess Liz was busy slaying it, check out her report viewtopic.php?f=5&t=16398

    The zone looked spectacular

    Keffler, more product testing

    2 great laps

    Off to a different area the next day with Karkis leading the way again

    We climbed up one side of the valley.

    Looking over at the next side of the valley.
    After descending we climbed bottom left of this photo, up right, then back to the high point left

    Don and Karkis did most of the work

    Socked in near the top

    Great pow to the valley, good way for me to finish the trip.

    We stretched the daylight and were out through the fresh snow by headlamp

    Many thanks to the crew, and to Karkis for being such a gracious host/guide.


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    Looks great, please send a little snow south!

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    ^ agreed.

    Revy delivers! Looks fun.

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    Sounds like a sick crew. :headbang:

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    I love Keffler’s “product testing”. He does it pretty good 🙂 Looks like a lot of fun, and great crew. Don got the goods in Silverton last year too, and broke a lot of trail for me. And if Karkis is pushing the up for Don, thats impressive 😯

    Can’t wait until I get in Revy in March :thumpsup:


    Great stuff guys!!

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    hey thanks for coming out, super fun to have you cats round the hood here.
    i gotta few shots of the buoys…

    mr Phantom droppin a chute in the white

    John again, on the moraine below the cleaver

    someone shreddin Puff Daddy

    John takes the south side on Video

    Jamie, jibbin

    Darcy does too


    c’mon back again sometimes hey?!?

    never summer snowboards
    phantom splitboard bindings
    dynafit touring
    atomic boots

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    Thanks for sharin’ the stoke here, so sorry I could not join JK for the Phantom Canada tour this season. Next year I will be makin’ it for sure, maybe a little later in the season.

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    Finally starting to recover from this trip. Took home a mean powder cough, and have been slammed with the real job and home life. However, this was a trip of a life time for me. Having a young family and a demanding engineering job doesn’t lend it’s self to two week long epic road trips, but I pulled it off! Much thanks to my Canadian brothers for showing me around. Got to ride 12 days in a row and each day was mind blowing, face melting POW! After three months of non stop work day/night/weekends, it was nice to be able to put that all behind me and ride the deepest, softest snow I could ever ask for. I’ll be back for sure. It was also pretty cool to be out touring with so many people riding Phantoms and talking about future iterations and additions.

    Here’s a few pics…

    Karkis taking a drop..

    Beautiful Revelstoke!

    Karkis putting in a mean skinner to the top!

    Looking across at Avalanche Crest. Nice 3,500ft tree run!

    Darcy slashing it. Don’t know how he did it, but he was on a 15 day streak!

    Going back for an other lap for the goods!

    Karkis getting ready to shred!

    Joey V. with CAPOW (Canadian Powder Guides) leading a group on day 3 of CAPOW’s intro to splitboarding camp.

    Did I mention that the views are out of sight?

    Skin track leading to Video Peak.

    Skin track to the top of Video Peak.

    Thanks again Marc, Jamie, Bret, Joey, Greg, Ty, Don, Darcy for a great time in Revelstoke and Rogers Pass! Looking forward to returning next season!

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    looks like a super sick adventure! enjoy the stoke! :thumpsup:

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