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    As I sit and wait for my first real day of the year, I read many wonderful TR’s and feel I should submit my own stoke…

    So, here, a non snowboarding-non skiing tr of anticipation…

    as the last remnants of fall fade away, we sit and wait and hope and pray for snow

    skies begin to look different

    as does the water

    slowly the snow begins to appear

    higher up, a new season dawns

    still, fall lingers

    the season begins to take hold

    but still we must have diversions from the waiting…

    time with family…

    …and friends…

    old and new…

    …food from the summer garden…

    and, of course, dogs…

    finally, a red sky at morning

    hearkens the beginning

    and now all that’s left to do, is enjoy the ride…

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    Your photos are amazing, man. You pack a whole lot of feeling into each image. I feel like I just re-lived a little bit of Tahoe fall and that first big snowstorm of winter when I clicked on this. I look forward to more of this…

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    beautiful images…seriously! You got the skills to pay the bills :clap:

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    Love the story……..beautifully crafted with each image……

    Many thanks

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    Nicely paced images and words. Well done! :thatrocks:

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    Beautiful pics!

    Putting the poo in swimming pool since 1968.

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    Thanks for the comments everyone…

    Really, a TR born of frustration. I made it out for that first snow, then a couple of days later for a shoooort ride by myself before I had to clean the house and invite my parents and the in-laws over for Thanksgiving.

    Since, I’ve worked a bunch, had school a bunch, been sick a bunch and cut down a christmas tree on my one day off that week before I was called in to cover people that were getting sick…

    Yesterday, when I put this up, I thought of going skiing, but wasn’t psyched on hiking in 70mph winds for breakable crust by myself.

    So I drank, much of the day.

    Glad everyone enjoyed it!

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    Amazing pics Reno!

    Agreed with BGnight! :headbang:

    ps. Lets hook up soon. Westside Crystal Range yo!

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    when I grow up I want my life to be as relaxed and fulfilling as yours appears to be from these pictures

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    Wonderful photos.

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    Great photog skillz for sure. Thanks for posting these up! Killa.

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    wow, thanks for all the great comments…

    @BCR, we’ll have to get out this year,

    like we say every year 😉

    @nothingmuch, thanks, its not too shabby, though, at the moment I’m feeling awfully meh…

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