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    Over the winter I discovered that Brighton allows uphill trafic. So, on high-danger days I would skin tho the top of great western and catch some safe turns after school. I noticed that my splitboard (Burton Freebird) preformed rather well on brighton’s runs.

    Any splitters that are skinning up at brighton?

    Anybody who regularly rides a splitboard inbounds?

    Also What about brighton’s backcountry access gates?

    Thoughts? Questions?

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    Actually, you kind of have it backwards there, Are there any resorts worthy of splits? Answer: No, splits should not be subjected to such snow 😉

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    i ride my split at all times because it is the board i love. I get to ride everyday if i want. ALthough why use a split for resort riding unless to access sidecountry, there is no reason a split cant be just as good as a solid, anywhere. i have ridden both a solid T.Rice and my T.Rice split w a few mods and i dont notice the difference between the 2, except i like the looks i get in the lift line when on the split. There is nothing better than having full confidence in the board and having the option to skin up, without a board on your back and a light weight pack for the way down.

    i love splitboarding! i dont even need a solid anymore.

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    I agree with splityheaven, once I switched from my old atomic alibi to my split, I realized it was just a much better board (for me) to ride. I could never get the heal side dialed on my old board…weather it was minor boot out or what…I tried everything…once I strapped into my split, I realized i could ride 100% commited regardless of edge and since then have only ridden it. I posted this pic in the main forum but since we’re talking about resort riding on splits, here’s one from Fernie on a corny groomer..

    I would rather be riding backcountry, but if a day comes where I’m heading to a resort, I still take the split since its the board I feel the best on.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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