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    Anybody interested in splitting the cost of a rental car/RV for first two weeks of April(approximately)? Thinking about flying into Anchorage in the first week of April and heading for Thompson Pass. Ive never been to Alaska, but its looking like I can’t put this journey off any longer. Its becoming an obsession, starting to effect my sleep patterns. I found some pretty reasonable plane tickets, but the transport/shelter is going to be a little out of my budget.

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    My hero. I wish I could. Next year?

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    Hell yeah, for sure mon, we will def put something together for next year. I will see you soon, Silverton splitfest stoke is high :bananas:
    Been riding resort accessed good snow for about 1000 feet into rain soaked swampy mush at mid and low elevations around here :banghead:

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    depending on costs, im a cheap lowballer. HAHA I too could be up for something amazing like that.. my snowquest will never stop

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    Still here?

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    Yeah, this is yet another year of making plans for this trip apparently… anybody into it? I feel like I have gained exerience in this range just by my planning to travel there one day. hahaah. well, pm me if you are down to party.
    Ive got tons of ideas…even considering driving my own camper rig up there. whao!

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