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    So my tail clip broke, the plastic tail clip. I need to remove it to install a new one, but dont know a good way to do it. Any suggestions?

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    On the base side of your board, locate the mushroomed side of the rivet, drill thru the rivet with a drill corresponding to the diameter of the new rivet.. you can also drill the head down with a larger drill say 1/2″to weaken the rivet. I did this last night. ..ill try to upload pics

    Sorry no pics of the drilling action, but drill the rivet out. The OD Of the rivet is 0.18 0.1820″ in diameter, so you can need or use in 11/64 or 3/16 drill bit to drill the core out of the rivet.

    you’ll need a punch and ball pein hammer to set the rivet

    If I do it again, I want to get the correct rivet clenching tool so they come out nice(r)!

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    Richie, How did you make out with replacing the tail clip? Did you get the replacememnt from karakoram? The reason I ask is that the tail clip on my board broke too. It was the second day on the board. Was your board new also? I wonder if Karakoram has a problem with it’s clips because the plastic seems to be more ridgid than the voile clips on my other board. Does anyone else have some insight into this? Thanks

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    I just swapped out my Voile tip and tail clips w/ Karakorams on both ends of my board… a DIY job. The time had come.

    FYI, my Voile tail clip (and tip at times) had become loose and would pop open when riding, esp when re-entering into in-bounds terrain (ie. trail, hardpack, groomers, etc) to get back to the car. It seemed to almost hold it’s own in pow, but def needed to be fixed. I was told I could take my pin and use the tapered end of it to roll over the rivet a bit more in an attempt to tighten it some. I used a regular hammer to do this, but it didn’t seem to help much… I even tightened the second solo post that the clip snaps onto, thinking that might be loose too. Not much difference.

    So, things went well with the full conversion. I used a 3/16″ metal bit to drill out the old rivets, starting on the rollovers on the base of the board. The new K-studs fit in perfectly, and I again used the head of my pin to start the roll over, then finished it off w/ a ball pein hammer to flatten out. Had to smack it pretty hard to get the rollover to start, and it was hard to hold the head of the rivet still while hammering on it. I ended up setting the head of the rivet on a concrete step for a solid backing while hammering. The rollovers all split once or twice, but I’ve seen that before and I’m not too worried about it. Was also told not to hammer too hard on your pins, as they CAN bend (not good!). The new K-clips seem strong and good to go.

    I’ll report back on how they hold on future re-entries —

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    I busted a tip clip and just bought the K clips from I don’t have any experience with riveting. Could a place like REI be trusted to install the clip, or should I buy the Arrow rivet tool from Home Depot and do it myself? Would that do the trick?

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