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    i never would have considered this one on such a low snow year. but with the rare chance to ride with a very busy friend, why not get a good one.
    hiking up convict canyon the night before

    Ta hui-“you don’t need a wilderness permit if your only sleeping four hours”

    the next morning. good to be on skins

    getting closer

    ta hui starting up the chute

    nearing the top of the chute, this view never gets old

    gonna enjoy this ride!

    the snow was challenging but very edgeable. fun, but it also demanded your full attention at this steep pitch. ta hui.

    braaap, braaap

    those goggles are that color from the fire in his eyes!

    some scenic shots on the way out

    a long, hard trip with so much dry ground. but the chute was some of the coolest snowboarding iv’e ever done.

    ta hui
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    :headbang: :rock: :clap: :bow: :doobie: :guinness: 😆 :scratch: :scratch: :scratch:

    ta hui
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    Thanks for being my friend and getting the dream done!!!

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    Very nice score!

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    Man, your killing the eastern Sierra this season. Way to stay motivated. :thatrocks:

    christoph benells
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    @ecobrad wrote:

    Man, your killing the eastern Sierra this season. Way to stay motivated. :thatrocks:

    stole the words outta my mouth (keyboard)

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    Word. Eastside allstar.

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    Stoked to see you crushing it, been following the reports. Nice call on climbing straight up that thing; I made that traverse from the summit and almost cried I was so sacred. Last four nights been solo missioning and was thinking about you man! finding some world class corn and some very sunny weather and it reminds me of those days in the Range of Light, except for I am working 8-4 and dropping in from summits at 8,9, or 10 pm. Mike E was up here for two weeks and we set it off in Haines and Valdez; got dropped on a glacier in the St. Elias range by Drake; :headbang: We were talking about you. I am off for a big long otherworldy ski-trip in a few days, going deep. Keep getting it done man and I hope to shred with you again one day.

    ta hui
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    St Elias now were talking!! that musta been a good heli ride! :rock:
    We should all do The Big D !

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    That’s some pretty rock!

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    That one is on the list for sure. Your photos definitely add fuel to the fire necessary to get me out there on a ski (rather than climbing) trip!

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    Sweet work guys! :thatrocks:

    Great pics too! :thumbsup:

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    classic indeed. you make me regret my decision not to come down for a visit to the east side this spring!

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