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    With a lot of down days due to high winds, high avy, and rain this season, I’m thinking about getting a NoBoard for backyard low angle hiking sessions. Looking for recommendations. Burton Throwback? Burton Skipjack? Jones Mtn Surfer (if it can be found)? Spend big boy money on a Grassroots? Cut a swallow-tail and add GripAll to an old Jones Mtn Twin?

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    The Grassroots Slasher is a fun do-it-all powsurfer. I used it for around town “backyard low angle” and found myself always wanting something steeper, not to get gnarly but for more speed.

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    * DIY always makes it more fun! (i.e. go for the Jones hack + GripAll)
    * Less DIY but still fun is the O.G. NoPad.
    * This guy simply replaced his pucks from a Euphoria split with bolts longer than the inserts are deep and attached a leash to his touring bracket. Apparently Ventures are so tight you don’t even need bindings. Perhaps other brands will work as well?
    * Almond Mfg makes a kit to change any solid or split into a NoBoard w/o permanently committing the board. The only downside is you have to carry the pads on the up and skins + bindings on the way down.

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Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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