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    I was listening to the radio recently and there was this DJ teasing the other (both male) about the fact that he wore UGG type boots. The other was fiercely defending the fact that guys still wear UGG boots… stating that it stemmed from a surfer trend started in the 80’s. He had just picked up some EMUs (UGG knock-offs) and was getting heckled for wearing them, but couldn’t understand why. Even his wife was giving him crap about wearing them. 🙁

    Shortly later a series of calls rushed in and teen to 20-something year olds were calling in to tell him that he was gay and that they had never seen guys wearing UGGs ever. Then a 40 year old guy called in stating the same thing… he had never seen guys wearing UGGs growing up. My question to him was where has he been hidding all these years to not know about guys wearing UGGs. 😕

    All the while I’m hearing this debate, I’m driving home while actually wearing my UGG boots and thinking that yes it may be a “chick” thing, but I love wearing my vintage UGGs (original pair from ’86). I’ve used them before and after surf sessions, snowboard sessions, skimboard sessions, kiteboarding sessions and to get the mail along with other various tasks. I almost always wear mine to and from the mountain in the winter and they have never failed me. The fact that mine are still holding strong after 20 years says alot about UGG technology 😆 . I remember when UGGs first hit America in the 80’s. They originated in Australia and were popular with surfers and used as after-surf boots on cold morning sessions. Too bad Britany turned them into a “chick” boot. 🙁

    I’ve decided that regardless of the gender specific trend in UGG boots, I will still be rockin’ my UGGs no matter what people say. And for those who also dare wear them… regardless of the blatant fashion crime, hold strong and be a real man! 8)

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    Freedom My friend….Its all about Freedom

    Thats why Im trying to Regrow my Mullet 😀

    Man I wish it was 1986 again

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    How about a pic of your boots, I’m just about to turn 40 and I’m not sure what they are…I’m picturing the woolie Chewbacca boots and thinking there is no way you are rocking those. But then again, if they feel good, why not. I’m from Boston, but grew up in Indiana, maybe these boots are from a culture that I was never exposed to. If they are cool, I think we should get a set for Ecobrad. If we got him drunk, dressed him up and took photos we would have a great Trip Report to post.

    Rico in AZ
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    Ok, I have to defend Ugg’s a little bit. Back in the day, (about 1986) I loved my Ugg’s when I got out of the water after a winter surf session. Nowadays, I wouldn’t dare to wear them out in public, but I still pull them on if my feet are freezin’. My feet will be warm in no time.

    And I am most definately not ghey.

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    Upstate NY-winter 9 months a year. People wear coon skin caps w/ tails.
    I never saw Uggs until I moved to CA, it’s a fruity thing-same as avacados. 😆

    Tex are you going to bust out the turtle neck, v-neck sweater and gold chain?

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    Are they pink?? Because then they are ghey for sure. I do remember when dudes wore uggs and chicks didn’t. Now real men wear fur-lined clogs.

    (okay that last part was a joke too. In general I’m very supportive of fur-lined footware though.)

    Putting the poo in swimming pool since 1968.

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    Rock those UGG’s with pride Yoda. Definately originated from surfing.

    Just put the pant legs over the boot. Otherwise, it might be… know 😉

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    Here ya go, the definitive authority:

    I say, wear what you want.

    But for god’s sake, don’t start wearing Crocs! 🙂

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    I wish I was wearing a pair right now, with the storm that is brewing outside….

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    $50 gets you a pair.

    Nobody questions your sexuality…because of your footwear.

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    @bastrdsonofelvis wrote:


    I’ll second that…although they are sweaty and stinky when worn indoors for a few hours.

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    When I was a kid manly footware had only one meaning : Cowboy Boots.

    Basketball ,baseball , football. All in cowboy boots. And if it was summer? Cowboy boots and cut offs.

    Ever try to run a full court and do a slam dunk with fuckin cowboy boots on?

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    Tex, was this before the turn of the century? (I mean 19th to 20th)

    These are the shweetest boots ever in the universe:

    From 1964, wen men were still men and women were still in the kitchen. Just kidding, ladies. Although I could use a good meal.

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    UGG are for small Jewish girls in tights. These are what I am sporting.

    KENETREK Grizzly

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    1972 Nixon…Vietnam….and astronauts

    BSOE you are a soldier No? Can you tell me …I heard that guys in Afganistan are not issued cold weather long johns/base layer….is that so?

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    @ride_pow wrote:

    UGG are for small Jewish girls in tights. These are what I am sporting.

    KENETREK Grizzly

    That isn’t entirely true, I’ve seen plenty of BIG girls wearing them too. 😆

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    I saw a girl as big as a GRIZZLEY wearing some today. Now that I know what I’m looking for I am always on the lookout.

    Sorry Master YODA, I have yet to see any guys wearing them. But if the Master of the force wishes to wear them, who can counter his position?

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    Tex, I severly doubt that’s true. I was in Baghdad and I’m just the dentist in an infantry BCT and I was issued more shit than I can possibly keep track of, including multiple sets of “ninja suit” (that’s what the army people call their thin, black, polypro base layer) and multiple sets of “polypros” which is what they call those impossibly thick, brown poly mid layers. I find it hard to believe those cats in Dirkastan don’t get the same or more. But who knows. Reservists do get shit on. Guard too.

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    You asked if “Real Men” wear UGGS ? If he was still alive we could ask
    Jim Shoulders

    But I think he would Kick some ass if he saw a guy wearing them

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